Still Alive!

Oh the neglect, the abandonment of this blog. You shouldn’t blame me for I’m in the midst of crushing school assignments. My planned trip to Hyderabad seems to be in trouble right now (visa issues). I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the development. For now, I’ll get back to starring on my laptop’s screen, hoping something brilliant will pop into my head to write for all the papers I have due within the coming weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Still Alive!

  1. cigaal

    i hope it works out inshaallah.

  2. Om, hang in there! Good luck with those papers. If you ever need a second pair of eyes over a paper or two, don’t hesitate and e-mail it to me.

  3. Om

    Insha’allah, I hope too, Cigaal.

    I’m trying my best, Aya. Abaayo, I may just take that offer on you in the near future…although I know you’re superbusy:-)

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