Back to the Usual

School started again this week. Waking up early, attending classes, etc. etc. I’m not sure if this symptom is only common to me, but I find myself very exhausted the first couple of weeks of school, with severe body aches in the morning. Perhaps it’s the re-learning process of walking miles and miles around campus that the body forgets during the break. Or maybe it’s just unique to me.

Anyway, I managed to start a good habit of sleeping early, like 10:30-11pm at night…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up that when the ugly face of thesis writing knocks my door. Completely stayed away from the news, except Gaza. What an atrocity. I sometimes think the state of Israel is the most powerful entity in the world because it seems to have no limit of what it can do. Kind of reminds me of the apartheid regimes of South Africa and Zimbabwe. But the good news is that every oppression and injustice has an end, but I just hope by then there are Palestinians left. 

Speaking of Zimbabwe, I just read a “story” on the British Bollocks Corporation’s website that claims Zimbabwean soldiers are eating elephants to survive, according to an “unnamed” sources from an opposition-run website. Do these people have any shame left as far as journalism is concerned? I mean, I get the fact that they want to overthrow Bobby Mugabe, but “reporting” this? How far do they have to go? Lose every credibility, if they have any left, over this useless propaganda? What a sad thing to see. I’m sure you’re tired of me keep bringing up this Zimbabwe issue, but I do this because I’m writing my thesis on this issue. But as most of you have figured it out already, I’ll be writing my thesis from the ZANU-PF/Mugabe/Nationalist perspective with focus on the policies of the Mugabe government because who self-respecting African would want to parrot the West’s talking-points and propaganda?

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4 thoughts on “Back to the Usual

  1. Om, you’ll never find shame and British propaganda in the same room. Mugabe is the boogey man and the wet dream du jour. Elephants, pff! When all else fails, appeal to liberal, cadaan sensibilities against black savages who care not an iota for endangered species. This coming from the same people who killed gorillas to make ashtrays out of their fists.

    That fatigue sounds familiar. I don’t know about others but I was death on a kaiser bun throughout undergrad. Something about me drained me out of life and energy, holiday or no holiday.

    Good luck with the thesis writing!

  2. i know what u mean i’m still in relapse mode. It’s pretty grueling having to back to ur studies, but it doesnt make much sense especially since we’ve been confined to four walls of education for most of our lives. it should be natural by now.
    all in all awesome blog!!!!, just came across it!!!!

  3. Om

    You’re absolutely right, Aya! I think now they’re trying to appeal to the cadaan sensibilities to an extreme end, but I’m not sure if they will succeed this time since they ironically credit Mugabe with protecting the most elephants on the continent. Their propaganda has no creativity or imagination anymore…on the thesis, thank you very much; I hope you don’t mind if I take that offer on you for proofreads during the drafting:-)


    Welcome to my decrepit corner of the blogosphere and thank you for coming by! I couldn’t agree more – I just can’t figure out why it hasn’t become so natural to our body clock by now?

    Btw, you’re blog, despite being new, is beautifully written…keep it up!

  4. Om, I won’t mind at all. Send me as many drafts as you want and send them early! 🙂

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