Aló Presidente!

Sheikh Sharif Ahmed has been elected to be the next president of Somalia, a man who less than two years ago was being hunted down by America and Ethiopia. How things change so quickly, eh? As I watched the live, grainy feed from Djibouti, I couldn’t help but wonder what this means. Excitement and fear rushed at me like an overflowing river. Indeed, today is a new beginning for Somalia. Yet it is a road Somalia has never traveled on. What awaits this gentle, god-fearing, fiercely anti-qabil school teacher-turned politician, is anyone’s guess, but I have never felt so happy for my hoyo land more than tonight. I see a man who wants nothing more than peace, justice, and prosperity for his people. A man, who unlike most Somalis, believes qabilism is our national cancer. Maybe he is not all of these. Or maybe he is somewhere in between. Either way, I’d give him my support and a chance to prove himself to be a president of all Somalis. 

As soon as he was ‘elected,’ Sheikh Sharif apparently ‘requested’ foreign military troops for peacekeeping in Somalia, according to fact-depraved wolves at the BBC – a claim, embarrassingly I may add, rejected by Sheikh Sharif on the Somali BBC Service. I thought these people worked in the same building? Besides, why should Sheikh-Sharif Sheikh Ahmed want to have foreign troops in Somalia if he wants to succeed in governing this country? Would it not occur to these people at the BBC the peculiarity of Sheikh Sharif requesting foreign troops who by the way spent the past two years fighting foreign troops in order to hasten their departure from the country? Or no brain exists at all in the upper floors of Bush House? I reckon it is the latter.

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One thought on “Aló Presidente!

  1. Ah, those chimps at the BBC never quit. Them Brits are going to need some colonialism rehab. 😀

    Good luck to Sh. Sharif, may he succeed where others have failed!

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