Observing People

I recently started playing futbol again with my fellow nomads after taking a long break from them since they tend to take the game too serious. The last time I played with them I had my finger broken when a middle aged nomad jammed my hand with the ball so he could score a lousy goal; so it wasn’t exactly a reunion I was looking forward to this time around.

Maybe it’s my introspect personality that I notice these things or maybe I was just too damn frustrated with their constant argument on every play. Nonetheless, I’ve come to the conclusion that Somalis have an inherent personality defect that will not allow them to agree on anything because everyone – from the youngest to the oldest, men and women – seem to have an infallible opinion. For example, yesterday we spent at least 10 minutes arguing about the size of the pitch – some claimed that the field was too small therefore it needed to be expanded, while others argued it was just the right size. This back and forth arguments are unfortunately the norm every time we play futbol. So I wondered: what are the politicians like, who after all are deciding about the fate of an entire country, its people, and resources? Do my soccer observations apply to the political debate in Somalia? Maybe not completely, but it does give us a little explanation of the state we have been in for the past two decades.

Facts have become hostage to our opinions on every issue and I think that is a big factor why we will continue to be in a state of civil war for many years to come. In one sense, this strong opinion inherent in us is good – in the sense that we put a lot of value on our independent thinking, albeit destructive often. But at what cost? Are all of us have to be right?

Let me make a suggestion (I know I’m going to catch a lot of flak for this): how about we just find a “benevolent” dictator like  Félix Houphouët-Boigny to rule Somalia? It would at least be peaceful. And a lot less argumentative, I’m sure.

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6 thoughts on “Observing People

  1. Hind

    This is really funny, but unfortunately its not surprising to me. I think it’s a disease that plagues the Africans or maybe a curse that colonists left behind to rupture their union lol. Do you think that its an innate nature of Africans or is it just the environment and the scarce opportunities or maybe resources that drive us to be so competitive and aggressive when it come arguments and decisions?

    • Om

      I think a little bit all of these factors contribute to our chronic disunity. As you pointed out before, there is the stubbornness/prideful nature combined with the scare opportunities and colonial legacy that used the “divide and conquer” tactic to achieve their goals. So unfortunately it will take time for these destructive characteristic to disappear. I just hope it won’t take us another 100-years to agree on one thing, you know?

  2. LOL, Om! I do believe we are prone to worshiping our opinions. Sorry about your finger.

  3. Om

    Aya, I recommend you go watch nomads play football and you won’t need any other entertainment, I promise! And my finger really thanks you – that douchebag didn’t even bother to say sorry, can you believe that!

  4. cigaal

    is anyone else having this problem? i can’t find you people anymore. don’t laugh folks. my routine was: google, write ‘somali blogs’, the philosopher is on spot 4, Aya 7th, Amtaf i gave up on her although i occasionally bumped into ‘gastronomy’ – and my conspiracy african head is telling me that someone is trying to shake me off. last time i recall aya quit – and even leaving this comments is worrying my african head. nin weyn tag lama idhaahdo ee waa la tusaa. the other blog i used to read was harowo. everything is mixed up now and it’s a blank white page – the somali blogs.

  5. Om

    Ha ha ha…I like your mahmaah, Cigaal! I’m sure us bloggers are not consipring! Although I agree that most of us (including me) haven’t been posting much lately. If it makes any difference, I for one, apologize for being lazy!

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