Am Still Around!

Seems like I haven’t looked at this blog in a long time, and I admit, I haven’t. But I have a perfect reason for that: school. As I write this, I’m also working on my senior seminar paper. It is not easy. Now I understand why many people just quit college; the pain of going through this process is immense, but I’m not in the mood to quit or even contemplate the idea of quitting. It just ain’t an option, folks! The most painful aspect of this process, most of all, is the isolation factor. I mean, I spend most of my day cooped up in my room or the library (as I am right now), staring at my laptop’s screen with bunch of books and articles all around me as I try to make sense of what I want to say in my paper. That’s my current situation; not exactly a gossip material, I have to say.

But the good news is I’m very much looking forward to my trip to East Africa this summer, insha’allah! I’ve been accepted to my Tanzania summer program couple of weeks ago – I know it took me a while to share it but that’s not an excuse! Beside Tanzania, my itinerary includes Kenya and possibly the Island of Zanzibar. I really hope we get to go to Zanzibar.

That’s it, folks. I have to get back to my laboring (as my professor aptly calls this paper).

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4 thoughts on “Am Still Around!

  1. Hind

    Well Congratulation. You surely have been busy my friend that we don’t even get to hear the good news. Don’t forget to send us post cards from there. I promise it wouldn’t have to travel so far, I will be in Sudan.

  2. Om

    Thanks Hind! Lol, I’ll definitely send you a postcard, granted it is not stolen in between! Your invitation to write a post is still open:-)

  3. Hind

    Haha that is funny, but come on its not that bad. You could use a pigeon to send a message 😉 That If no one eats it before it gets there. Man, we make our Mama sounds like a jungle.
    And yes, I will declare my position on the issue publicly in your blog SOON. Await the promising moment. lol it wont be long I promise

  4. Om

    Ha ha ha; you’re right, a pigeon is the perfect messenger! Very creative too….you know I heard hardcore gangsters in Brazilian prisons use pigeons to send their ‘hit’ orders using pigeons – what a terrible misuse of pigeons! Lol….

    I love the professional tone of your announcement…don’t disappoint ya Hind!

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