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9 thoughts on “Erased

  1. hmalik

    Whenever I see videos like this, I pity the persons who made them. I simply think that they would not serve any good purpose anymore. People became accustomed to seeing such violent and disturbing images. Maybe in the past when people saw something like this, it triggered or stimulated some sense of anger or at least sadness that may cause them to act and do something to put an end to such a crisis. I believe that we became immune to violence and crimes in general. Whether we see it in wars, movies, games, the news, or from crimes we witness on the streets. Therefore, I think that these videos may serve as educational messages, but they will hardly awaken our long-resting senses. It is sad, but I just come to take it as the truth. We do not need more evidence on the ongoing murders of the Palestinians to make us act. It is a well established and known fact. I grew up watching these footages and nothing ever changed. So I strongly believe that the problem is not the intimidating powerful offenders, but the problem is that we just don’t feel anymore. Or maybe we are inconsiderately investing our feelings somewhere else.

  2. Om

    I fully understand your argument. These atrocities have been going on for over 60 years and it seems to be an endless crime. But don’t we need this documentation? I mean, how many people in the world do you think saw these UNFILTERED images of horror compared to those who did not see them? You would be surprised to find out how few people have seen them.

    You’re right that those of us who have seen them have become numb not just in this case but in many other instances of human cruelty, but we should not turn off our conscious mind regardless of how little we can do to make a difference in the situation. What we cannot do, however, is to stop documenting because someday these crimes will come to an end. Then what becomes of history? What evidence will we show to those people who will not live in a world where the State of Israel’s has impunity to do as it pleases?

    We have to document Israel’s crimes for as long as it continues.

  3. hmalik

    I agree with you that these documentaries will preserve history for future generation, but is it reasonable to be more concern with writing history now than saving lives?

    I do believe that documentaries are influential and I appreciate the bravery of the people who make them. I just know for a fact that no living, breathing human wants to be a documented history.

    Yes, we must document Israel’s crimes, but the main concern should always be those living people more than the conflict itself. I know that the world would just stand by watching, recording, documenting, and then when the devastation or destruction is absolute; they gather these documents only to converse or write books and articles pointing fingers to who should be blamed and prosecuted.

    Now. how would you react if I put camera in your face and tell you that I will follow you as your own shadow till you get shot and die in front of my camera so that the world could see the brutality of your murderers? And that is all I can do to help you gain your freedom and live in peace.

  4. Om

    Obviously the people who are suppose to be concerned with saving lives aren’t. There are levels of actions one can take in order to save a life. People who are making these documentaries cannot do more than record what is happening in front of them as they see them.

    So should we just stop documenting what is happening in Palestine or elsewhere because we cannot physically prevent it ourselves? Remember these documentaries are gathering evidences that will be used to prosecute those who are committing these atrocities at some point. It is not a perfect world that we live in but just not doing anything, including not taking pictures and videos of murders occurring, will give what the state of Israel wants: complete eradication of the Palestinians without any single evidence left behind. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered already but should that stop us from continuing to say or do something about it, even if it is just taking pictures or using words?

  5. hmalik

    To be honest, I am just frustrated watching these videos over and over while our hands are tied up. But I will tell you a short true story.

    Last year, there was this young Palestinian man who worked with aljazeera news channel as a correspondent from Palestine. I remember that he was in his early twenties. I was very fond of this person. I did not know him personally off course, but I admired his courage, persistence, and the fact that he knew well that he would die doing this job. He revealed in a recorded video just days before he was killed that he feared no one and that he is willing to die for his land and people at anytime. I literally cried for days after he was announced dead. It was heartbreaking. I kept thinking about him for weeks, but I know now that I will never come to feel or fully understand the severe pain that this young man and other Palestinians are experiencing that they become fearless of death itself.

    So my friend, I cannot judge the work of people who pay their precious lives as a cheap price to expose the truth. I just hope that their efforts wouldn’t be a total waste. Like you said, it is an imperfect world.

    “Maybe we do need a camera for every few guns.”

  6. Om

    No, it wouldn’t be a waste at all. The price of exposing the truth may look cheap now but its dividends will be priceless in the long run. That young man, Allah Yar7amuh, didn’t die in vain.

  7. cigaal

    there was a major uproar when a norwegian embassy staff circulated this:

    it seems people never learn.

  8. hmalik

    This is disturbing. I guess studying history is pointless since no one is learning anything.

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