Meet Hind

I’m very excited and happy to announce a new contributor to this blog. For far too long, this blog’s views tended to reflect a certain “machismo” perspective. Well, no more my friends. A great friend of mine has agreed to contribute to this blog. She is brilliant and funny, and has a lot to say. I’m personally looking forward to reading her insights into issues relating to women. I’ve known her since my first semester of college when she mistakenly thought I was a Sudanese guy in the school cafeteria (true story, lol). So she brings not only a female perspective to this blog but also another East African perspective.

Without any further ado, please welcome Hind to the blog!

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4 thoughts on “Meet Hind

  1. hmalik

    I feel very honored to be part of your blog Om. And thank you very much for the grand introduction. And thank you for allowing me this opportunity as well. I hope I will be able to bring in something new to the blog.


  2. A Shackled Traveller

    Looking forward to her writing 🙂

  3. Om

    I’m very glad you said yes to my annoying insistences…I hope you enjoy here:-) Again, thanks.

  4. Hind! Looking forward to your writing!

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