“What Men Don’t Know”

I have abandoned this blog for quite some time and I just pray that I have not been forgotten. So as a reconciliation of our friendship, I decided to write this short and a quick post today. For some reason, my brain just went blank after exams were over. I believe that I am taking the summer vacation too seriously. So as a reminder that I am still here, I will tell you this short true story.


          In a hot summer afternoon, a little wrecked car pulled in front of a shopping mall. The parking lot seemed almost deserted at that hour. Two ladies then stepped out of the car. They were engaged in a useless discussion. One was complaining about the heat and the other was in her own world talking about a total different subject. They walked into the mall and were welcomed by the cool air pumped through as the doors slide open. The lady nagging about the heat was then satisfied and busied herself with merchandises. The other one was already complaining about the high prices of the store and preferred to find a place to sit.

          Later, the two ladies met their male friend of whom they will help pick a gift. Poor fellow didn’t know what he got himself into. I am sure now you could easily complete the story. Two women and a man going shopping to buy one simple gift.

          They dragged him to each store in the mall. In each store, they pick few items and decide they were not suitable. Interestingly, the man seemed to like and approve of almost every item that was considered. Anyway…

          Three hours later, the three of them walked out of the mall partially satisfied.  


I think a single shopping trip could easily and explicitly define gender differences!

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3 thoughts on ““What Men Don’t Know”

  1. Om

    “The lady nagging about the heat was then satisfied and busied herself with merchandises.”

    Hahahaha…this is so gold! I love the pic! Lol, he’s having a heartattack! I’ve definitely felt that way before…at Mall of America, of all places…lol:-)

  2. hmalik

    Haha, Yes two different personalities of shoppers right there. I can imagine your trip to Mall of America lol. What I don’t understand is why do men dislike shopping this much. Is it an innate nature or do they just play the role and confirm with society‘s expectations? I think men do love shopping, but women natural love toward things and people is usually excessive and overpowering. Just a hypotheses (:P

  3. Om

    I’m not sure if I disagree with your hypothesis:-) I think the only difference is that women love taking their time shopping, while we men just get in and get out as quickly as possible. I think that is an innate behavior for sure lol.

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