Observing Nature

I was feeling tired and worn out today, So I did something that I haven’t done for a very long time. After the sun was down, I took a chair and sat in the backyard. The weather was indescribable, but I will try. It was beautiful, sweet, and was densely full of memories. Memories of home and of the good old days. The sky was full of clouds, but the moon shined through. It lit up my heart and eased my weariness. How can we ever abandon such beauty . I think observing nature and the greatness of god’s creation is the best therapy and medicine to all wounds. Oh, I forgot to mention the little flies that lights up. I really do not know what they are called in English, but they are brilliant. These little delightful creatures presented me with the best light dances on earth. Then came a frog and scared me away. I have not see one in ages. Frogs are not my favorite creatures, but this one made me laugh. It just stood there staring at me for a while and changed its direction away from my chair.

Well, now I feel good. I will go back inside, drink some tea with the family, and watch the world through the television set.

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4 thoughts on “Observing Nature

  1. Om

    Salaam! Wow, am sitting here at Dubai Int’l Airport and my flight is about to board in less 20 minutes and what is the first thing I see when I logged in? Your nice little post, haha. Great observation!

    I gotta finish this smoothie my awesome Nigerian friend bought me so I don’t have to throw it into the trash.

    Gotta go now…Salam!

  2. hmalik

    I am very glad to hear from you. Thanks to that crappy internet connection eh.
    And you already made some friends. Seems like good friends too, who bring you smoothie lol.

    Please keep us updated. I think I am more excited than you to learn how this journey unfolds 🙂

    Take care,

  3. hala

    wow that sure does sound beautiful. why wasn’t I invited? or was it one of those moments that can not be shared.

    we sure are gona miss you Omar, have fun.

  4. Beautiful description, Om. Brings back memories of little lit flies.

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