Finally managed to find a working Internet since I have been in Dar es Salaam. Between 10 and 4pm, the electricity is conspiciously absent while before or after these hours it is always on. At least you know about the electricity routine, something I can’t say for the Internet. My trip was smooth and hassle-free, although it took us about 3 trys to land in Dar (not unusual I’m told). I just have to say this: if you ever have to travel overseas, I highly recommend Emirates Airlines (no, I’m not getting paid to plug for them). It is not like they are any more expensive than American or European airlines but those Sheikhs know what they’re doing there, I’m telling ya. Strangely though, Dubai has just an amazing airport but it is so empty (well, it is not fair to compare them to JFK) or at least it felt that way when I was there.

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One thought on “Karibu!

  1. You know what, Om, I was struck by how empty Dubai airport was as well. I think they have a different sort of traffic in the fall/winter when the weather is pleasant and more people are visiting.

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