I think I’ve been away from this blog for too long. How’s ya’ll? Ok, ok. Let me get to the point. I have finished my program in A-town (Arusha) and left there on Sunday for Dar es Salaam, where I’m currently at. I climbed Mt. Kili on Friday – amazing experience, I tell you. Tough as hell but I’m glad I did it. I know 3km climb isn’t much but someone like me who has never hiked, much less than climbed mountains, it is a pretty good accomplishment. I was particularly surprised to see the entire first (and second) level of the mountain very forest, almost jungle-like. Thankfully, there are no wild (if any) animals; just few birds in the first kilometer or so, then it is plants and trees – very beautiful indeed. We started our climb late so when we got to the first level we didn’t have much time to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery around and had to get down just as quickly. Some locations are very steep, while other places are surprisingly near-flat ground. As the first two levels (3 and 5 kilometers, respectively) of the mountain consist entirely forest, rain is a constant threat to amateur climbers who can easily fall in the slippery surface deprived of sun.

The descent, I think, was more dangerous than the ascent because it is so easy to fall, lose balance, or sprain on the descent – especially the steeper spots. It took us (or I should say me) about 3 and half hours on ascent, while it took me only about 1 hour and 45 minutes to descent. After coming down every part of my body hurt like hell – not unusual, I was told. I think I deserve a few days of R & R in Zanzibar which is exactly what I’ll be doing later this week. A visit to Prison Island that I wasn’t able to make a month ago is in the itinerary this time around. I have never snorkeled before so should I do it now?


The Marangu route of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


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2 thoughts on “Update

  1. hmalik

    “ It took us (or I should say me) about 3 and half hours on ascent, while it took me only about 1 hour and 45 minutes to descent.” I can’t believe it took you that long. I guess that nomad futbol was not helping to keep you in good shapes hehe, but I am sure it helped shape your argumentative skills 😛
    I like the picture, it iss beautiful. You should upload more pictures or I guess we have to wait till you come back since that dial up connection is so slow.

  2. Om, I am so intensely jealous of your climb! I am glad that you enjoyed it. Do you have more pictures?

    BTW, I have been catching up on your archives from the trip (which I don’t know how I have missed). I am travelling home vicariously through you this summer 🙂

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