The Art of Coups

The story behind the documentary below happened way back in 2004 but somehow seems to be relevant always. I always wondered why there were so many coup d’etats and chronic wars in many parts of the world – Africa and Latin America particularly – that generally have more natural resources yet are underdeveloped. If intelligence agencies used to overthrow governments and heads of state, the 21st century coup de’etats are done by private security firms i.e. seriously messed up folks with lots of time and dangerous skills at their disposal. The mercenaries have officially arrived. Watch out, Evo.

Fascinating story; and frightening prospect for states like Equatorial Guinea, the DR Congo, and Bolivia  that a lot of powerful people/companies have interest in. By the way, has anyone figured out why the Congo war has killed over 3 million people in the last decade? The attempt of the mercenaries, hired by the son of ex UK PM Thatcher to overthrow the not-so-nice-guy president of Equatorial Guinea with the help or at least tacit support of the US, UK and Spanish governments for the control of that country’s newly discovered oil reserves, almost succeeded. Without the authorities in South Africa and Zimbabwe, who knows this may have just succeeded and ushered in an era of private security contracts doing the dirty works of Western intelligence agencies and the likes of George Soros. At the time the media largely ignored the story and at times cheered for it, as was in the case of the UK press.

The link to the full episode online.

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Coups

  1. The West have always had their fingers in every country that will make them richer/powerful. Is there really anything anyone can do?

    Wonder how this documentary went under my radar, thank for the link.

  2. Om

    You’re welcome, SD. Please pass it around…

    Sadly that is true and will continue to be so for a long time to come. It is interesting how China is now replacing much of the West’s influence in Africa. Whether China’s economic takeover of the continent is good or not, at least the Chinese are not slimy hypocrites with democracy and all that other b.s. the West has been fronting since colonization.

    In the long, however, China will probably become another clone of the West but for the short-term, I think it is better for Africa’s development – granted the Africans take advantage of the Chinese money and skills.

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