The Side Effects of Love

As anyone who has had the misfortune of heartbreak knows there are some nasty side effects that cupid doesn’t tell his victims before they fall in love. I’m no expert on this topic but few side effects of love’s end I’ve noticed include:

  • Absent-mindedly deleting your entire school work from your computer’s hard-drive (or other comparable important data)
  • Many of those people who you curse at for crossing the red-light are not after all drunk or running away from a crime scene. They’re a victim of cupid; so give them a pass, will ya!
  • Really cheesy one-hit wonder love songs from the 1980s all the suddenly become Shakespearean poetry to you
  • You take a nap at 11:30am, only to realize sleep has also abandoned you as well
  • Short-fusing and loss of appetite are a “collateral damages”

Now I wonder why anyone would choose a medicine that has these side effects.

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