The Upright Man

It is the 22nd anniversary of the assassination of Capt Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, orchastrated by France and its puppet tools for his stances against neocolonialism, anti-IMF/World Bank, and debts. But the most threatening thing about this 35 years old leader were his ideas that threatened both internal and external parasites. His progressive policies, social and economic, were ahead of their time to say the least.



He was the first African leader to emphatically promote women’s rights and declare HIV/AIDS public health priority. He also stripped tribal chiefs the “right” to get forced-labor from their “subjects,” among other revolutionary policies during his military rule. He was the first and last African head of state to declare IMF/World Bank “aid loans” illegal and should not be paid by any poor country. They don’t make ’em like that any more. Big up to all those who died for a cause!

If only Africa had leaders like him…

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4 thoughts on “The Upright Man

  1. Never heard of the guy but will look into him. Africa is definitely in need of a hero. I am not sure if we will ever find on but I have hope in our youth if there are anything like you!

  2. Om

    Aren’t you just too kind, SD!

    He was assassinated by his close friend, the guy who’s still in power since he murdered Sankara on France’s order. He is not much known in the West because he pissed off a lot of the powerful groups but he is as big as Lumumba in West Africa.

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  4. stefano

    Long Live Cpt Thomas Sankara a man who sacrificed his life for a better future of Burkina Faso & Africa

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