Picture Montage From My Study Abroad

It took me a while but I have finally finished putting together a video picture montage of my trip to East Africa this past summer where I was studying (near Arusha, Tanzania). I hope you’ll like it; the pictures are mostly in chronological order with my journey. Please enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Picture Montage From My Study Abroad

  1. Oh what a great montage. Reminds me of my home in Kenya. You look like you had fun!

  2. Om

    Thanks SD! It was an amazing journey; I never had so much fun in my life before this trip. In fact, I’m already planning for the next one in my head! lol

  3. Tell you what. After reading about your journey you made me add another destination on my places to see before I keel i.e Mt Kilimanjaro summit.

  4. Don’t forget Zanzibar! There is nothing like being in Forodhani Park in Stonetown, Zanzibar in a summer night while inhaling the breeze of the Indian Ocean. Really spectacular.

    Just don’t wait too long before you challenge Mt. Kili:-)

  5. J.D. Rebel

    A beautiful summary of your great trip!

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