The Disappearing Man

It’s almost near the end of the month and I only had one post in the entire month. Hmm, something is amiss, right? Well November and I dislike each other due to the fact that every professor wants me to be his or her bitch for this month. In return, I hate this month. An anger displacement syndrome for you there.

More after the break…

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One thought on “The Disappearing Man

  1. Thank you very much for your recent comment on my blog. It was especially nice that you provided the names of other female African artists with whom I was unfamiliar. I plan on checking them out!

    I am happy to have a forum where I can feature EXCELLENT music by very talented people who are deserving of recognition and support. All Artists seek to be heard, seen, and hopefully understood. I feature these musicians not only because they are African, but because the work they produce is SUPERB! ART, and especially GOOD ART is not confined to geographical boundaries, cultures or creeds, though the media would have people believe otherwise.

    It is the nature of the world today that we continue to be Western skewed; but you, me and others can help to promote greater sensitivity by allowing people who visit our blogs to gain a different perspective and insight into Africa and its peoples.

    I like your blog and appreciate your continued support of mine as well.

    Be well,
    Ayanna Nahmias

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