Despair Over Fallen Flowers

Last week we witnessed the incredible cruelty humans are capable of in the medical school graduation bombing in Mogadisho that killed over 20 and injured 60 plus people, mainly students. A day later, it was a mosque near Peshawar, Pakistan that killed at least 50 people. What do these two events have in common, beside the indescribable evilness to it? They’re done by people who believe they share a faith with us. They’re done by people who share the human kinship with the rest of us. They’re done by, above all, people who believe in so much hatred and destruction that any being that doesn’t subscribe to their ideology of wicked hate must be annihilated at any cost, by any means.

So I ask: Is there anything that can stop such a virus? All the previous ideologies of hate and destruction that came before this virus we call terrorism – from the Crusades, the Inquisition, Slavery, Colonization, Fascism to Nazism – had a sources that could be seen and fought against face to face. But, terrorism – where do you start? How do you fight against someone whose goal isn’t to live to conquer, but just to die fulfilling his perversion of a religion of peace and love? Huxley’s Brave New World may have imagined an advanced human specie capable of producing just about anything, but what it really was trying to predict was this world that we are living in today. And this virus, my friends, will take quite a while.

The Minister for Higher Education who recently returned to the country to "rebuild." Now Dead.

As I sit and write this, I’m contemplating about my graduation in the Spring and what I will do thereafter. It has often been my desire to go back to Somalia and contribute to whatever knowledge and skills I have to my people. These medical students, on the other hand, were already there and ready to serve but these massive assholes just had to destroy the only bright thing the suffering people of ¬†Somalia had. Along with professors, journalists, health and education ministers, and non-graduating students, the bombing effectively made Somalia a land occupied by terrorists. And these terrorists just murdered the last remaining intellectuals in the South of the country. Now I’m not so inclined to go any near where these insane creatures operate.

I can imagine this is also happening to a lot of Somalis in the diaspora but only time will tell if peace and love will prevail over hate and destruction in the land of nomads and poets. God help us.

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4 thoughts on “Despair Over Fallen Flowers

  1. God help us indeed Om. I am still in turbulent waters when it comes to the bombing so forgive me in not saying much. I will come back to address your resolution though for it is in need of redressing.

  2. J.D. Rebel

    Words of truth my friend. Thew worst thing about terrorism is when we get used to it and we accept it as part of our society. Violence ends up numbing our senses and killing the hope in our hearts. I remember just a year ago when Vicky and I went to the Basque country and as we were driving into Bilbao, ETA detonated a car bomb in front of the TV station. We could see and smell the smoke. But that didn’t impress me much, I had before the result of violence in my years living in Madrid. What really shocked me was the face of my girlfriend, the fear in her eyes and the not knowing how to take it, and how to respond to the the event. It was then when I realized that it was too late for me. I even joked about it saying, now you know the true reality of the Basque country; good food, beautiful landscape and every now and then the powerful smell of TNT in the wind.
    When it comes to fighting the nonsense, all we can do is believe, in fact “know” that any act of kindness is 1000 times more powerful than any bomb. It is not idealism to believe that a nonviolent struggle is without a doubt a more successful and in fact honorable way of fighting for whatever cause anybody stands for. Gandhi, MLK and few others achieved more with love than decades of terrorism in any country, for any cause.
    If there is anything to learn form these violent events, is that we are not fighting ideals, we are not fighting ideologies of any kind, we are fighting ignorance and as an extension of it, the primal brutality that exists in the souls of all men. We must enlighten with example, with knowledge, with facts, with love. When a person has nothing to live for, he/she has everything to die for. Only one reason is necessary to give a person hope. We must work on providing hope.
    How to do it? talking and listening to each other might be a good way to start.

  3. Everything you say is true, J.D. The problem we are facing is that these people are incapable of having the instinct to sit and listen anything. But in the long term, only the solution you propose is feasible because as you pointed out violence is often not the answer to violence.

    You know we Somalis are so used to bloody violence and mayhem in the form of Ak-47s and bazookas but not suicide bombing. The sad thing is soon enough we’ll come to see this awful device to destroy people as just another part of the mayhem. Tragic and terribly sad.

  4. thesocialcartographer

    The hardest part about fighting terrorism is that it is a method of persuasion. Terrorism is used as a tactic to create fear so that the continual fear of being harmed is great enough to surrender ones freedom. You can’t fight terrorism. You can only fight the ideology that goes with it and ameliorate the symptoms that encourage it.

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