Goodbye, 2009!

What a year it has been. What a decade it has been. It has been one hell of a year for me. I have experienced things I never expected, met the most unlikely people, and taken one of the most enriching experience of my life. I sat across Maasai warriors in the middle of the night lost in the fascinating cultural exchange in the middle of nowhere, learned to cope with life’s disappoints with nothing more than hope, and got a haircut using sign language (it does the job).

Then there are the things that we all have seen happen in the decade: first black president in the US, wars, rise of nonstate global actors vis a vis political terrorist networks, natural disasters, global economic collapse, etc. I hope the 2010 decade will be kinder to humanity.

Personally I look forward to my graduation from university, World Cup in African soil, traveling the world, settling down for good measure, and taking the journey of doing the things I’m passionate about.

I will absolute not make any resolution for the new year. People never learn that new year resolutions defeat the purpose of making changes in one’s life. As Nike has been saying for decades – just do it.

Don’t drink on new year’s eve. If you do, don’t drive. If you do drink and drive, stay the hell away from my lane you sick bastard.


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