I Hear You

I have a story to tell you, my dear forgotten-readers. Eight months ago I stopped blogging. In fact, I withdrew from all social networking, although I kept up with fellow bloggers’ adventures. At the time, my decision made perfect sense. I was in the last semester of my undergraduate studies, looking for a job and dealing with other issues, which personally I couldn’t handle all of it along with writing this blog. In a nutshell, I needed a break from this blog to concentrate on those other priorities.

The good news is that I’m still very much passionate about blogging, exchanging ideas, creating valuable discussions and dialogues through this magnificent space we call the blogsphere. Indeed, taking the time I’ve taken away from this blog has made me realize that it is paramount to always do what you love but still be able to take a break when the passion that drives you gets a little low. Despondency and apathy are the antithesis of free spirit. I assure you, my dear readers and fellow bloggers, that my spirit is very much attached to this blog and the exchange of free ideas and creativity in the blogsphere. In addition, I’m a year older and hopefully, a little bit wiser now. You shouldn’t hold that last part against me, though!

Now, the update. I’ve graduated from university and now am happily and gainfully employed. The transition from school to the workforce has been much smoother than I anticipated – a blessing indeed. Although I majored in International Studies, I’m currently working in the IT sector. Yes, quite a jump! But it is very much a great thing. IT is what I’ve always done as a hobby – I just get paid to do it now. God willing, one day I hope to go into the field that I’m truly passionate about – the international development field. But for now, this will do.



I want to thank the countless fellow bloggers and readers who have contacted me to inquire about my absence. I very much heard you.


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3 thoughts on “I Hear You

  1. Ya Salaam- Ya Salaam! Welcome back! Oh and Congratulations, May Allah makes the best of your transition- and I wish you the best of your career.

    • om

      Jazakallah walal! It is wonderful to be back into the groove of things. Btw, I noticed your imeem acct isn’t loading – have you moved to a different spot?

  2. Man, sorry about the Imeem thing- it went on sale to Myspace and through the process I have lost much of my collections. sad in it?

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