Why I’ve Been Depressed

Apparently, daydreaming causes unhappiness. No wonder that is why I’ve been depressed all this time! The study goes on to add:

“The research using iPhone apps show that mind wandering directly affects the mood of a person.  Day dreaming about positive things may improve the  happiness little, but dreaming about unpleasant things causes a 20 percent dip.”

Well, who the hell would daydream about negative things? The whole point of daydreaming is…you’re leaving your crappy, reality-based life for a moment and daydreaming about something delightful, something fantastical. Unlike sleep dreams, daydreaming is controlled by the person. Sometimes scientists just waste a lot of time and money on pointless studies. Daydreaming saved me from the unpleasant, long rides to campus or dreary 8:30am classes. Seriously, scientists, how about you find out why you’re the least interesting group of people on the planet (even though you’re so good at understanding so many fascinating things)!

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3 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Depressed

  1. In a sense though, this makes sense. The more you flee reality, the less pleased you are with your own life and thus you become depressed. Rather than daydreaming, why not find the positive sides with your own life.

    Yeah. Who am I kidding.
    Also, I never catch my early classes.

  2. This is really interesting. Somehow, I am really bad at daydreaming. I can’t get myself to do it or perhaps I just don’t have the time to. Maybe when I start ridding the bus again, I will use this technique 🙂

    And I agree with Somaliteren point to some degree. I think it is some what true that daydreaming in itself may lead to depression as we become less pleased with our reality. Perhaps excessive daydreaming will lead to this problem. But when I look at it in a much simpler way, I believe that even if daydreaming is just about mere impossible fantasies, it still has some benefit and one is that it simply exercise our imagination. A gift that I think has been greatly neglected. It became rusty as we learned to rely heavily on the media in all its forms to imagine for us. Even during a bus ride, we have phones, Ipods, Iphones and all type of electronics that manages to keep our imagination asleep. Perhaps watching the imagination of media directors and their vision is cause of the current dissatisfaction of life among the majority of people. So, I really think some little daydreaming is good for us. I wish I can make it a habit myself.

    Anyways, as they say “if you can imagine it or dream it, you can become it” 😉

  3. Om


    The silver lining in this study is that people who are already depressed will only get more depressed if they daydream because their daydreams would naturally be about negative things. For me, daydreaming is like an enhancement of my daily life where I imagine creatively about positive things – things that make me happy. I could never see myself daydreaming about negative things. Perhaps people who get depressed by daydreaming is the result of comparing their lives with their daydreams, which of course is a stupid thing to do!

    I think Kohlline’s point about the over-stimulation of our brains with electronic gadgets or other forms of entertainment on all hours of the day does indeed hinder our ability to be imaginative and let our minds wander. Speaking of electronic distractions, the study was conducted on an iPhone App! That pretty much limits its reach and inclusiveness of all age-groups and socio-economic status, beside being a distraction itself.

    To expand on my friend’s quote, Einstein noted that, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

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