Dictators’ Club Annual Meeting

This is an imagined club meeting of dictators so take it with a grain of salt.


“Order! Order! Please, take your seats so we can begin our meeting” MC Gaddafi calmly announced. “We have a full agenda and the sooner we get started the quicker we’ll all go home,” he continued. “As you may have heard, and I don’t blame you if you haven’t, brother Ben Ali and brother Hosni have been…how should I put it…overthrown. Apparently, ‘overthrowing’ our fellow brothers has become all the rage these days. Therefore, today’s agenda will mostly be about how to prevent these so-called ‘revolutions’ from taking place in our domains. We’ve also lined up experts to help you launder all that money to safe offshore accounts in case you’re worried you might be overthrown soon. And then at the end of the meeting, we’ll have refreshments, pizza, raffles and share the latest party tips! “

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6 thoughts on “Dictators’ Club Annual Meeting

  1. haha really funny. I am sure they are sharing these thoughts and tips. What do you mean by raffles? oh and I like what you did with the place

  2. Om

    lol thanks! You know raffles – giveaway prizes – all club meetings have silly raffles at the end of the meetings on special occasions. The only difference here is that Dictators’ Club would have raffles for lamburghinis or a yacht haha

  3. ooh I see, do you think they will have pizza. Pizza is just so western. Maybe some humus, pita bread, and some khat provided by president Ali Abdullah Saleh lol.

  4. Om

    haha that was the original snack but Gaddafi hates humus because it reminds him of the cream he uses for his hair lol. And Ali A. Saleh wanted to bring his favorite whiskey smuggled from Djibouti but these other guys just thought he was being too damn cheap haha.

  5. hahaha, you are killing them. I told you, you could write a nice political comic book.

    • Om

      Ha! Yea right lol. But I would love to read a comic book on Gaddafi; just his style alone would give you so much material for satire.

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