Just another functioning member of society…do I have to do anything more?

Send me your praises or violent descent at eastafricanphilosopher{@}gmail.com.


19 thoughts on “About

  1. Have a nice day !

  2. jarhood


  3. So, Mr. Philosopher, which part of africa do you hail from?

  4. Om


    If it’s The East African Philosopher, clearly it would have to be East Africa, no?

  5. Hind

    I like the music. Where can i download it?

  6. Om

    Hind! You finally made it to my blog! I’ll make you a mixtape, made up of music that inspire me:-)

  7. Hind

    Oh wow, I would love to have the Cd. Thank you, you are very kind 🙂

    شكرا يا فيلسوف عصرك

  8. Maybe this is a stupid question but are you somali?
    Btw I’m a new reader of this interesting blog.

  9. Ismael

    Wow you blog is amezing and Mohamed I think he is Somali.
    BTW did I already see that i think you blog rocks. You got a new reader :D. And Om stands for Omar 😕



  10. Ismael

    Wow you blog is amezing and Mohamed I think he is Somali.
    Did I already see that i think you blog rocks. You got a new reader :D. And Om stands for Omar 😕

    BTW can you tell me the name of the song Track01



  11. Ismael

    😛 something whent wrong there *pointing at the replies*

  12. Om

    Yes, Mohamed, I am. And welcome to the blog – I hope you come around often.

    Thank you, Ismael! I appreciate your readership:-)

    The name of Track01 is “Premiere Gaou” by a band from Cote D’ivoire called Magic System. The name of the song is also spelled as “1er gaou.”

  13. fara782

    happy 2 see a somalian blloger 😀

  14. Miles Brugmann

    Hello East African Philosopher,

    I’m a second year law student in Massachusetts and am currently working on a thesis about selective prosecution in the ICC. I came across your blog. I found it interesting. I’m wondering if you might be able to share some insight or give some hints about where to research.

    As of now the title and roadmap of my thesis are as follows:

    Selective Prosecution in the International Criminal Court: Weak States, Easy Targets.

    To date the only prosecutions instituted by the ICC have been against citizens of states that are weak actors in the international arena or states that fail to enjoy the support of powerful nations (Uganda, DRC, CAR, Sudan). This paper will explore the similarities of the current cases chosen for prosecution by the ICC and also the economic, political and cultural similarities of states and individual actors alleged to have committed atrocities but who remain un-prosecuted. Contrasting these findings the paper will also examine the arguments that, on the one hand, the ICC’s investigative decisions erode the structure of international law enforcement and yet, on the other, how the selective prosecution of weak states, while inherently unfair, may be, in the initial years, a necessary step in establishing the validity of the court.

    I hope to hear from you. If not, I’ll say goodbye and let you know that I respect your passion.


    Miles Brugmann

    Juris Doctorate Canditate 2011

    Western New England College School of Law

  15. Waranle

    Just wanted to know where in the east African coast was that picture on your homepage from?

    btw great blog:)

    • Om

      I took that picture on the dock of Stone Town in Zanzibar. This is what you see when you arrive in Zanzibar by ferry.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  16. Omar, what happened?

  17. Amal

    Lovely blog!

  18. Amal

    Nice blog…keep typing!

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