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Every passing day my life seems to get more difficult. Mind you, it is not my fault. I’m a law-abiding citizen; I avoid getting into a beef with the law at all cost, not because I love the laws that are out there but simply I want my life to be free of difficulty. Yet no matter what I do, terrorist-assholes have it out for me. Like this guy. Not only does this guy claim to be my co-religionists but also co-nomad. I hate this guy even more. I hate him because my life just got that much difficult because of him and all the other assholes like him.

I’m going to be traveling to East Africa in one week and I know for a fact that I will be harassed and sexually molested by TSA agents. I know I will be “randomly” selected for extra-loving by the good folks at the TSA. And I also know that I will be interrogated in the “back room” on my return to the states. I resent having to endure these hassles because some loser decided to murder babies and their mothers at a Christmas Tree lighting in Oregon or shoppers in Stockholm. What I resent the most is assholes who, in their fantasy-filled minds, justify killing innocent people is somehow permitted or encouraged by my faith.

Unfortunately these people don’t think for themselves and hence don’t learn Islam for themselves, relying on assholes like them with a keyboard and internet connection to fill them up with hate and propaganda. Why else would a kid who lived in Portland since he was 5 want to kill his fellow Oregonians? I’m actually not opposed to people who have beef with the US government. If they want to fight then why don’t they go to the battlefield and shoot at soldiers who also have guns and shoot back at them? Because they’re punks. They prefer to hurt the weak and innocent because it is easy.

And they make all of our lives difficult.

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Back to the Usual

School started again this week. Waking up early, attending classes, etc. etc. I’m not sure if this symptom is only common to me, but I find myself very exhausted the first couple of weeks of school, with severe body aches in the morning. Perhaps it’s the re-learning process of walking miles and miles around campus that the body forgets during the break. Or maybe it’s just unique to me.

Anyway, I managed to start a good habit of sleeping early, like 10:30-11pm at night…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up that when the ugly face of thesis writing knocks my door. Completely stayed away from the news, except Gaza. What an atrocity. I sometimes think the state of Israel is the most powerful entity in the world because it seems to have no limit of what it can do. Kind of reminds me of the apartheid regimes of South Africa and Zimbabwe. But the good news is that every oppression and injustice has an end, but I just hope by then there are Palestinians left. 

Speaking of Zimbabwe, I just read a “story” on the British Bollocks Corporation’s website that claims Zimbabwean soldiers are eating elephants to survive, according to an “unnamed” sources from an opposition-run website. Do these people have any shame left as far as journalism is concerned? I mean, I get the fact that they want to overthrow Bobby Mugabe, but “reporting” this? How far do they have to go? Lose every credibility, if they have any left, over this useless propaganda? What a sad thing to see. I’m sure you’re tired of me keep bringing up this Zimbabwe issue, but I do this because I’m writing my thesis on this issue. But as most of you have figured it out already, I’ll be writing my thesis from the ZANU-PF/Mugabe/Nationalist perspective with focus on the policies of the Mugabe government because who self-respecting African would want to parrot the West’s talking-points and propaganda?

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Isn’t amazing this evil madmen was hiding nowhere for over a decade while the world was convinced he was hiding in the remote mountains of Serbia. It just goes to show that mass murders will always get away for the most part. Now all politician are chanting ‘this is a great day for international justice.’ I hope they don’t pull a Milosevic again. Actually, they’ve already indicated this guy’s trial will take up to six years. Right.

Crazy evil Serb

Crazy evil Serb




Well, keep me posted for his ‘sudden’ death in his prison cell.  

Karadzic Arrest Is First Step In Legal Process

UPDATE: Apparently Karadzid was protected by the CIA all these years. I thought The Hunting Party exaggerated the facts “little” but everything in that movie turns out to be 100% accurate after all. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the biggest mass murderers of the twentieth century were protected and sheltered by the great Lady Liberty itself.

Here’s the original article based on the movie. A great read, by the way.

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What’s Wrong in the World

A painting of Monet sells for $80 million dollars and an incompetent writer is honored (whatever knighthood is) for defaming a holy book, yet we wonder what is wrong with our world. No painting or piece of artifact should sell that much money when so many people are dying from the lack of food. Instead of being ‘honored’, Salman Rushdie should have his books burned. 

It is just amazing the extremes we humans are capable of. 

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I happen to come across this article discussing about Switzerland’s citizenship process. Apparently in Switzerland, citizenship is defined by something entirely different than the rest of the 194 countries of the world (including the spanking brand new Kosovo!). Essentially, Switzerland uses what it calls “democracy” citizenship where people who are born in the country (forget those immigrant asswipes) are first put through rigorous “tests” that include language skills, moral character (is he or she a Christian first), and other bullshits that I couldn’t care to list them because they defy logic. In this Dark Age place, the wanna-be citizen’s name is put on a voting ballot, along with his or her description, which essentially is the person’s name and “nationality” as in Turkish or Serbian (in other words, is he or she pure white Swiss). If the person is lucky, he or she maybe “white” enough that the citizens of the town will award him or her citizenship. If they suspect the person’s name is too “foreign” or his/her face is too brown or black, tough luck. No appeals or retakes. 

This process used to be “secret” ballot – as in, if you were voting against, say a Congolese or Turkish guy for the simple reason of you being a racist prick, it would totally hide the real reason. But the Swiss Supreme court overturned this secret ballot about five years ago because it was essentially a way to legitimize discrimination against someone even though he or she may have completely aced the necessary “tests” the government required. Furthermore, the Supreme allowed people who were rejected in the “open” election to get either an appeal or another shot to run for another citizenship election the following year. 

I don’t know what world these Swiss live in but it sure isn’t the 21st century. I thought waiting for five years to become a citizen as an immigrant in the U.S. was too harsh but learning a country like Switzerland existed gives me a whole ‘nother perspective on things. Seeing the two men in the article who know nothing but Switzerland being denied their basic right as human beings through the same process that espouses to bring freedom and justice used as a tool to oppress and denigrate them is just beyond the comprehension of rational people. But at least the Swiss have finally chose a side. 

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Those Rat Bastards

I just happened to check the news out of Zimbabwe and those sneaky propaganda machine of the British government i.e. the Bullshit British Corporation have this little sidebar of Robert Mugabe’s career on this article in which these imperialist assholes describe the taking back of Zimbabwean land from white colonial invaders as “2000 – Land Invasion start.”


Land invasion? Wait, weren’t the imperialist the invaders into Zimbabwe? Am I the only one who’s noticing this? I call onto all people everywhere in the world who have suffered under imperialism/colonial rule to demand an immediate apology from the BBC and front page retraction for the use of “land invasion” to describe the land return to Zimbabweans from colonial robbers/murderers of Zimbabwe and its people in 2000. I also call onto an immediate investigation of the BBC’s misconduct/hidden agenda during its long coverage of Zimbabwe since 2000, as they have demonstrated a clear and disturbing pattern of biases/propaganda “reports” towards Zimbabwe.

It is unacceptable for an organization that masks itself as “news” to take the side of the British government and become an advocate organization. The BBC can either choose to be a news observer or become the FOX NEWS of the British government and its policies towards Zimbabwe. No middle way.PS: Pass this call to all the blogs and independent press out there in order to get to the bottom of the BBC’s real hidden agenda towards Zimbabwe since the 2000 land redistribution.

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My Problem With The Associated Press

I often stumble on an Associated Press wire stories and almost always I find something deeply disturbing about their stories, particularly how they report it. During the Election crisis in Kenya, the AP was reporting in every piece that “Kenya was a prosperous democracy in Africa” before the election or “Kenya was an economic powerhouse” in Africa. I complained about this in my posts about the violence in the aftermath of those elections. I have read countless AP dispatches that are either flat-out biased or amazingly ill-informed of the facts. Once again, I was not disappointed today in an article entitled “Pope baptizes prominent Italian Muslim,” in which a “Muslim” man converts to Catholicism.

The article goes into a great detail about the ceremony itself and the Pope’s remarks. But the problem of this article is that the man, Magdi Allam, an Egyptian newspaper commentator married to a Catholic woman, is not a Muslim and was never a Muslim because he says so himself in the article! How incompetent are these people to quote a man that is directly contradicting the premise of their article’s? In the article they tell us that Mr. Allam is a prominent “Muslim” who is very critical of extremists and Islam in general, which is fine considering the fact that he HAS a right to say and express his opinion, but the problem is when a news organization like the AP says this man is a “prominent Italian Muslim,” we expect to learn that the man was at least a “former Muslim” but has now left Islam because such and such.

However, what we learn in the article is a man (in his own words) who NEVER prayed five times a day in his life (a requirement for an adult person to be considered a Muslim), NEVER fasted once in his life (again, a requirement), and is a proud Zionist who has written a book advocating for the annihilation of the Palestinian people, a sign that should’ve alerted these incompetent people at the AP. Mr. Allam never claims in the article to have ever been a Muslim, although his mom was a devout Muslim and once accompanied her in her pilgrimage to Maccah. In fact, Mr. Allam tells the AP that he had a Communion when he was “13 or 14” – again, a red flag that the monkeys at the AP have conveniently overlooked. Any intelligent person knows that Egypt has the largest Christian population in the Middle East, perhaps an indication that leaves one to wonder if Mr. Allam was a Christian all of his life but just never professed it in public. Whatever the case maybe, the AP did a great disservice to Mr. Allam and more importantly, to themselves.

Needless to say, never take any Associated Press’s articles as facts or unbiased, but if you do, check their facts because the majority of the time the AP is full of shitty information, so consume at your own peril.

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Misadventures of Imperialism

It’s five years since the “liberation” of Iraq began. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost while millions more ruined. Trillions of dollars wasted. Yet America is hated by more people in the world than at any point in the twentienth and twenty-first century. The view of America as the New Evil Empire is strengthened and embraced by people on every corner of the world – from Baghdad to Bamako, from Rabbat to Riyadh –  America is now viewed through the sole actions of one cowboy from Crawford, Taxes. Is it any wonder that our world is now more fraught with constant danger and nuclear-threat? Is it any wonder that we are one misunderstanding or arrogance move away from total annihilation of our world as we know it? I digress… The media, particularly the press in the West, continually perpetuate the propaganda that is invented by certain individuals/entities in the West that Iran and North Korea are a threat to “world peace” – funny, I feel these two countries are the least danger to world peace. I believe, without any doubt, if World War III is to occur in our lifetime, it will not be started by these countries. I hope I’m wrong about World War III, but if neo-imperialists and its brethren Zionists continue to dictate world agenda, World War III is sadly, utterly inevitable. I hope I’m wrong. 

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Icebox of the Nation

Minnesota has officially been declared the icebox of the United State – really? Didn’t people already know that? Sitting in my comfortable therapeutic library chair, where the temperature of the day is expected to reach mid 50 degree fahrenhait, I can only send my sympathy to those folks who have to get up and go to work or school in a brutal weather like Minnesota….I’ve been there and it is not pleasant.

Waiting for the bus to school for five minutes this morning in a 45 degree temps, I complained to myself how uncomfortable and cold it was – until I’ve just come across this article in the AP declaring the good folks of Minnesota essentially ice people. Now I have re-evaluated my complaint about the weather this morning and officially come to the conclusion that I was being a sissy and unappreciative of my blessings.

But the thought I can’t get through my head is WHY the FUCK do people want to live in Minnesota? What crazy person walked from the temperate and somewhat tropical conditions of the North East/South East of the United States to all the way to Minnesota saying to themselves – nah, this is no good! Let’s keep moving! When they finally reached the ice lakes of Minnesota, shouted and danced around the lake and declared: This IS our home! What is even more baffling to me is why people from tropical places like East Africa (Somalis/Ethiopians) and South East Asia (Hmongs) settle in Minnesota in large numbers?

But then again, why would someone settle in crocadile infested, swamped drenched, mosquito shithole Florida? Oh well, to each to his own.

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Wacky Week

Folks, as you’ll can see I’ve been absent for a little while from the blogsphere, not because I had enough of it but it’s that time of the year when college students are required to do those mind-numbing presentations, research papers, essays, etc.  Now that is out of the way, let’s get to the business at hand.

Mr.Criminal, Meet Your Punishment

Few hours ago, I was watching one of those stupid 24-hour “news” channel and as I always do, I just muted the damn thing so I can read the little ticker-bar at the bottom with the headlines. I have to admit, I never laughed at the tragic death of a human being but, in all honesty, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read one of the headline piece in this particular ticker. The headline said, “A man in Florida running away from police jumped into a lake infested with alligators to hide but was soon discovered his half-eaten dead torso with bites all over it.” I know this isn’t supposed to be funny, but man, this is the unluckiest man in America! Had the police caught him, I’m certain his punishment would not have included being eaten alive by a pack of hungry alligators. I imagine his punishment would have been limited to weekly rape, monthly solitary confinement, and perhaps once in awhile shank stabbing. Being devoured alive? Nah.

Your Honor, Here’s Your Pants

Remember that judge in Washington D.C. who sued his Korean dry cleaners for $54 million dollars for losing two of his trousers? I just read somewhere this idiot has been dismissed from the bench. Finally, the U.S. justice system has found someone to stick it to. Oh well, this guy had it coming.

PS: I dedicate this post all of those men, women, and children who are suffering in and around Mogadisho, Somalia. The world is ignoring your murder, rape, and suffering but all of your fellow Somalis everywhere in the world are not. We are far away but our du’as and thoughts are with you. Although what I’ve wrote above may seem contradicting to this dedication, but if I don’t try to use humor and lighthearted jokes, my sorrow will overwhelm me. Peace.

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