NCBI ROFL: That’s one miraculous conception.

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The images coming out of Haiti are simply too painful. The people of this island can’t seem to get a break. They were still recovering from the two devastating hurricanes just over a year ago. Now this earthquake. When it is not mother nature, it is man-made – civil wars, coups, and on and on.

On any given day, I follow the news closely but the past four days I have avoided the news for the most part. My heart goes out to them.

Whatever you can give – donation of your money or time – please do give.

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The Disappearing Man

It’s almost near the end of the month and I only had one post in the entire month. Hmm, something is amiss, right? Well November and I dislike each other due to the fact that every professor wants me to be his or her bitch for this month. In return, I hate this month. An anger displacement syndrome for you there.

More after the break…

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My Journey Into Somalia

Lately, I have been exposed to so much of the Somali culture. I feel as if I have taken a summer vacation to the lovely land of Somalia. I owe much of this to the people who traveled so far away from their homeland, yet they retain and preserve their culture. And regardless of  the hardships felt in the past, they so generously and proudly welcome others to learn about their culture.   

Well, my journey kicked off with the mesmerizing sound of Somali music and the ”   ” dancing. I loved the music which is somewhat similar to our Sudanese music, but I have to admit that the dance was and still is a serious challenge for me. Yet it wouldn’t have caught my interest if it was easy. I guess I don’t mind a good challenge. Then I was introduced to the language when I visited my Somali girl-friend. It was a real treat hearing her speak with her family and particularly her mom. I think there is a soft/easy tone in their speech or it might be my own imagination because I have been used to Sudanese speak so loudly hehe. Anyways, I was eager to understand what they were saying, it still a mystery to me. After that same day, I was also enchanted by the way my friend prepared tea. It is similar to the way Sudanese make their tea, but there is more herbs added. I have just fallen love with it since then. What I found really interesting is that, Somali could drink tea with milk in the afternoon and that is almost a taboo in Sudanese culture. Sudanese could only drink milk in the morning or after sunset. It’s weird I know…

To be continued 🙂

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World Refugee Day

Refugees from Somalia and South Sudan

Refugees from Somalia and South Sudan

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شخابيط على جدران بيت صديقى

 الى صديق راحل

الايام عندى يا صديقى  اصبحت متشابة الملامح

اليوم متحلى بلباس غدا

والامس اضحى عاريا


كيف تلمومنى بقلت زياراتى وكتاباتى

وانت تعلم فراغ ايامى


قد احرقت شمس الصيف مغامراتى

وبددت شقاواتى

وأذابت اوهامى

وبكل برود هدمت مشاريعى وخططتى


كيف لى الكتابه على جدران منزلكم وقد هجرتموه ورحلتم

من سيقرأ كتاباتى  ؟

من سيراجع اخطائى الأملائيه وإعرابى ؟

من سيثور لافعالى الطفوليه ويغضب ؟

ومن سيغسل اثار الفحم من بعدى … لاعود  بشغف و اكتب








بقلمى اسطر مأساة فراغى

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Nairobi “Ghetto”

The economic heart of Nairobi, and the most neglected one as well.

The economic heart of Nairobi, and the most neglected one as well.

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Finally managed to find a working Internet since I have been in Dar es Salaam. Between 10 and 4pm, the electricity is conspiciously absent while before or after these hours it is always on. At least you know about the electricity routine, something I can’t say for the Internet. My trip was smooth and hassle-free, although it took us about 3 trys to land in Dar (not unusual I’m told). I just have to say this: if you ever have to travel overseas, I highly recommend Emirates Airlines (no, I’m not getting paid to plug for them). It is not like they are any more expensive than American or European airlines but those Sheikhs know what they’re doing there, I’m telling ya. Strangely though, Dubai has just an amazing airport but it is so empty (well, it is not fair to compare them to JFK) or at least it felt that way when I was there.

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Still Alive!

Oh the neglect, the abandonment of this blog. You shouldn’t blame me for I’m in the midst of crushing school assignments. My planned trip to Hyderabad seems to be in trouble right now (visa issues). I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the development. For now, I’ll get back to starring on my laptop’s screen, hoping something brilliant will pop into my head to write for all the papers I have due within the coming weeks.

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Great Idea, Mate!

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Married Colombians engaged in passionate extra-curricular activities may soon have to think twice about their philandering ways if a senator’s proposed legislation punishing adultery gets the green light.

Sen. Edgar Espindola said he has proposed a law that would impose fines and enforced community service as punishment for adulterers in an effort to protect family values and shield children from broken homes.

“I believe a lot of my companions are going to support this initiative,” Espindola said on Tuesday. “This project should motivate Colombians to reflect on the importance of the marriage, the home and the importance of family.”

He said aggrieved parties could take complaints and evidence such as photographs to local family judges, who would decide to impose fines of up to 20 minimum monthly salaries — around $4,000 — and obligatory welfare service.

Spouses forgiven by partners would escape punishment.

Some local radio commentators joked the proposal would get short shrift in Colombia’s Congress because lawmakers were likely to want to hide their own indiscretions in the mostly Roman Catholic country.

Adulterers beware – or pay the price | Oddly Enough | Reuters.com

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