Terrorists Suck

To: Terrorists and Wanna-be Terrorists

Re: The Shit That You Do

Subject: An Open Letter

Every passing day my life seems to get more difficult. Mind you, it is not my fault. I’m a law-abiding citizen; I avoid getting into a beef with the law at all cost, not because I love the laws that are out there but simply I want my life to be free of difficulty. Yet no matter what I do, terrorist-assholes have it out for me. Like this guy. Not only does this guy claim to be my co-religionists but also co-nomad. I hate this guy even more. I hate him because my life just got that much difficult because of him and all the other assholes like him.

I’m going to be traveling to East Africa in one week and I know for a fact that I will be harassed and sexually molested by TSA agents. I know I will be “randomly” selected for extra-loving by the good folks at the TSA. And I also know that I will be interrogated in the “back room” on my return to the states. I resent having to endure these hassles because some loser decided to murder babies and their mothers at a Christmas Tree lighting in Oregon or shoppers in Stockholm. What I resent the most is assholes who, in their fantasy-filled minds, justify killing innocent people is somehow permitted or encouraged by my faith.

Unfortunately these people don’t think for themselves and hence don’t learn Islam for themselves, relying on assholes like them with a keyboard and internet connection to fill them up with hate and propaganda. Why else would a kid who lived in Portland since he was 5 want to kill his fellow Oregonians? I’m actually not opposed to people who have beef with the US government. If they want to fight then why don’t they go to the battlefield and shoot at soldiers who also have guns and shoot back at them? Because they’re punks. They prefer to hurt the weak and innocent because it is easy.

And they make all of our lives difficult.

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Why I’ve Been Depressed

Apparently, daydreaming causes unhappiness. No wonder that is why I’ve been depressed all this time! The study goes on to add:

“The research using iPhone apps show that mind wandering directly affects the mood of a person.  Day dreaming about positive things may improve the  happiness little, but dreaming about unpleasant things causes a 20 percent dip.”

Well, who the hell would daydream about negative things? The whole point of daydreaming is…you’re leaving your crappy, reality-based life for a moment and daydreaming about something delightful, something fantastical. Unlike sleep dreams, daydreaming is controlled by the person. Sometimes scientists just waste a lot of time and money on pointless studies. Daydreaming saved me from the unpleasant, long rides to campus or dreary 8:30am classes. Seriously, scientists, how about you find out why you’re the least interesting group of people on the planet (even though you’re so good at understanding so many fascinating things)!

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Qurba Joog, Are You Listening?

For the diasporic Somalis, heed these words.

PS: I don’t endorse the last WORD on the screen.

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Rallying for Sanity and Other Stuff

To say that I don’t like politics is understatement. Yet, I spend most of my day reading and dissecting politics, domestic or international. I observe, never participate – not because I feel superior or that I’m lazy to participate but because I see no point in wasting my time or energy in putting my hopes or desires into politicians. However antagonistic I feel about politics, I also deeply believe that people must participate in politics if they want to change things around them.

I just came back from the much publicized Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear organized by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report, two shows that I regularly watch. It was not my expectation of participating in politics that I went to Washington, DC but precisely that it was not about politics. I’ve lived long enough in this great country to know that sanity has become a rare commodity in political or even social discourse. It is ironic that two comedians had to call for sanity and reasonableness in rejection of hyperbolic partisan language and screaming matches on the increasingly malicious and useless 24-hour TV cable “news”.

And I found that there are a lot of people who feel as I do.  The rally brought so many different people, from across all walks of life, of race, religion and ethnicity. The rally itself wasn’t really a rally but a big party – music performances, comedy skits, live parodies. The most political thing, if anyone would classify it as political, was Stewart pleading with those in politics and the news media to stop creating a non-existent fear and conflict through divisive language and simply insane rhetoric. I was truly amazed at the diverse lineup of musical acts that performed, including the incredible band The Roots, John Legend, Yusuf Islam, Ozzy Osborne, Kid Rock, Cheryl Crowe, Mavis Maple and Jeff Tweedy. As Stewart brought Yusuf Islam to perform his classic, “Peace Train,” Colbert interrupted Yusuf halfway the song to bring Ozzy Osborne as a counterpoint against Stewart’s ‘sanity’ plea by making Osborne perform a heavy-metal song that included the lyrics “the train is going to derail.” Classic Stewart-Colbert moment, with Yusuf Islam and Ozzy Osborne as the symbol of sanity and fear, respectively.

Like any visitor to the Capital, I had to go to the obligatory places of historical and/or contemporary significance. But I was lucky to have my college mate living in the center of the city and I spent most of Sunday bike riding around downtown area to get an incredible view of the city like a local. Pictures should suffice!

DC, Je T’aime.

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The National Interest Card

In the vast apparatus of the United States foreign policy, the most pervasive term, more than any other, is ‘national interest.’ By simply designating any and everything as national interest, the US government can get away with everything. As it is misleading, the term has less to do with national interest per se but more to do with expedience – of political, economic and military interests. It used to be the default term for the economic interests of the United States overseas, although political and military interests very much remained part of the term. In the last ten years, however, the term has become the expedient tool of truly gross mass murder and human rights violations abroad – wars, extraordinary renditions, torture, and so on. The erstwhile War on Global Terror campaign started by President Obama’s predecessor was initiated and executed entirely under this national interest concept.  And of course brutally and ever more efficiently continued by Mr. Obama – see the tenfold increase in predator drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.

In a little article hidden in the New York Times today, Mr. Obama recently wrote an executive order/memorandum to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directing her to grant exception to four countries listed as using Child Soldiers by the State Department for US military aid. President Bush signed the Child Soldiers Accountability Act in 2008 (note: the Times incorrectly identifies the law as the Child Soldier Prevention Act), a highly unusual bipartisan law that was specifically designed to stop US military aid from going to countries using children as soldiers. According to the Times article, the four countries granted an exception from this law are: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, the semi-autonomous Southern Sudan, and Yemen. In his memorandum, Mr. Obama “said he had determined that the waiver was in “the national interest” of the United States and furthermore, the “memo offered no elaboration” on the decision by Mr. Obama.  However, Somalia and Myanmar/Burma have not been granted this exception.

Among the reasons offered for granting exception (or should I say breaking US national law) for these countries include:

  • The Congo was exempted because United States-backed programs were helping its military become more professional and fight rights abuses. (What an oxymoronic statement – continue the rights violation of children for a vague rights. Classic.)
  • And continued assistance to Chad, where a branch of Al Qaeda is active, was also said to be a reward for hosting an estimated 280,000 refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan.
  • Sudan faces the possible secession of its southern region after a January referendum, and support from the United States may prove critical to stability in the south.
  • According to White House officials and memos, ending aid to Yemen would have undercut that country’s intense struggle against Al Qaeda. Despite Yemeni government assurances, the national army is still suspected of enlisting children as young as 15 (NY Times, “4 Nations With Child Soldiers Keep U.S. Aid,” 28 Oct 2010).

There you have it, folks. One of the very, very few good laws George Bush can claim to his legacy is undone by his successor – the Nobel Peace Prize winning son of Africa and “progressive liberal president”. Instead of continuing to fund these armies that use child soldiers, why didn’t Obama choose to reward the countries that are demobilizing child soldiers as a good behavior? The answer is that is “unwieldy.”

In other words, Chad and Yemen are providing help to the US for its anti-terror campaign. The DRC and South Sudan have lots of mineral and oil to extract from respectively. That’s national interest in a nutshell!

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I Hear You

I have a story to tell you, my dear forgotten-readers. Eight months ago I stopped blogging. In fact, I withdrew from all social networking, although I kept up with fellow bloggers’ adventures. At the time, my decision made perfect sense. I was in the last semester of my undergraduate studies, looking for a job and dealing with other issues, which personally I couldn’t handle all of it along with writing this blog. In a nutshell, I needed a break from this blog to concentrate on those other priorities.

The good news is that I’m still very much passionate about blogging, exchanging ideas, creating valuable discussions and dialogues through this magnificent space we call the blogsphere. Indeed, taking the time I’ve taken away from this blog has made me realize that it is paramount to always do what you love but still be able to take a break when the passion that drives you gets a little low. Despondency and apathy are the antithesis of free spirit. I assure you, my dear readers and fellow bloggers, that my spirit is very much attached to this blog and the exchange of free ideas and creativity in the blogsphere. In addition, I’m a year older and hopefully, a little bit wiser now. You shouldn’t hold that last part against me, though!

Now, the update. I’ve graduated from university and now am happily and gainfully employed. The transition from school to the workforce has been much smoother than I anticipated – a blessing indeed. Although I majored in International Studies, I’m currently working in the IT sector. Yes, quite a jump! But it is very much a great thing. IT is what I’ve always done as a hobby – I just get paid to do it now. God willing, one day I hope to go into the field that I’m truly passionate about – the international development field. But for now, this will do.



I want to thank the countless fellow bloggers and readers who have contacted me to inquire about my absence. I very much heard you.


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FIFA President on South Africa World Cup Critics

It’s an anti-Africa prejudice. There is still in the so-called ‘old world’ a feeling that why the hell should Africa organise a World Cup. Colonialists over the past 100 years have gone to Africa and taken out all the best things, and now they are taking all the best footballers. There’s no respect.

BBC Sport – Football – Fifa President Sepp Blatter blasts South Africa critics

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NCBI ROFL: That’s one miraculous conception.

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The Danger of Single Story: Chimamanda Adichie

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How to Interrogate Pirates

Courtesy of War is Boring blog, Dave Axe

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