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Despair Over Fallen Flowers

Last week we witnessed the incredible cruelty humans are capable of in the medical school graduation bombing in Mogadisho that killed over 20 and injured 60 plus people, mainly students. A day later, it was a mosque near Peshawar, Pakistan that killed at least 50 people. What do these two events have in common, beside the indescribable evilness to it? They’re done by people who believe they share a faith with us. They’re done by people who share the human kinship with the rest of us. They’re done by, above all, people who believe in so much hatred and destruction that any being that doesn’t subscribe to their ideology of wicked hate must be annihilated at any cost, by any means.

So I ask: Is there anything that can stop such a virus? All the previous ideologies of hate and destruction that came before this virus we call terrorism – from the Crusades, the Inquisition, Slavery, Colonization, Fascism to Nazism – had a sources that could be seen and fought against face to face. But, terrorism – where do you start? How do you fight against someone whose goal isn’t to live to conquer, but just to die fulfilling his perversion of a religion of peace and love? Huxley’s Brave New World may have imagined an advanced human specie capable of producing just about anything, but what it really was trying to predict was this world that we are living in today. And this virus, my friends, will take quite a while.

The Minister for Higher Education who recently returned to the country to "rebuild." Now Dead.

As I sit and write this, I’m contemplating about my graduation in the Spring and what I will do thereafter. It has often been my desire to go back to Somalia and contribute to whatever knowledge and skills I have to my people. These medical students, on the other hand, were already there and ready to serve but these massive assholes just had to destroy the only bright thing the suffering people of  Somalia had. Along with professors, journalists, health and education ministers, and non-graduating students, the bombing effectively made Somalia a land occupied by terrorists. And these terrorists just murdered the last remaining intellectuals in the South of the country. Now I’m not so inclined to go any near where these insane creatures operate.

I can imagine this is also happening to a lot of Somalis in the diaspora but only time will tell if peace and love will prevail over hate and destruction in the land of nomads and poets. God help us.

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The Prize is…Firearm!

From the BBC:

“The winners of a quiz organised by Somali Islamists [in Kismayo] have been given weapons and ammunition as prizes…..Prizes included AK-47 assault rifles, hand grenades and an anti-tank mine.” Even the losers get prizes, “the runners-up did not go home empty-handed, taking away an AK-47 and bullets.” According to Al-Shabab spokesman, “The reason the young men were rewarded with weapons is to encourage them to participate in the ongoing holy war against the enemies of Allah in Somalia,” which, ladies and gentlemen, are the women and children of Somalia.

I wonder if the winners, with their heavier firepower, would try to kill and rob the runners-up.

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It was too good to be true

It turns out Ethiopia’s much publicized ‘withdrawal’ of its troops from Somalia is after all just a tactic. Although it has apparently withdrawn some of its troops from some hotspots like Mogadisho, it nonetheless continues to have its troops present, conquering ever more towns and cities in Southwestern Somalia previously held by the various insurgent groups. The news coming out of Gedo and Baay region confirms that Ethiopian troops have indeed took Bardheere and Diinsor towns in Gedo and Baay respectively, in an effort to bolster the strength of its newly reincarnated warlord tool,Barre Hiraale. 

More insidiously, however, is Meles Zenawi’s tactics of re-arming warlords who were driven from power by the Union of Islamic Courts first, then by the insurgency that ensued in the past two years. This is the tactic Ethiopia was using in Somalia throughout the 1990s. In fact, Ethiopia armed Abdullahi Yusuf in the 1990s in order to fight the previous Islamists movement before the Union of Islamic Courts, which was Al-Itihad, who coincidently was led by Sheikh Aweys Dahir at the time as well. It wasn’t until 2004 after the creation of the Transitional Federal Government in Nairobi that Ethiopia eased its arming of warlords favorable to its goals in Somalia. But its effort to eliminate or destabilize entities which seek to bring law and order continued. 

Now with the emergence of Al-Shabab/UIC more strong than before it went to eliminate in 2006, Ethiopia is once again re-arming criminal warlords, who use such Islamic-sounding names like Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaca – giving the false impression of ‘moderate Islamists’ fighting Al-Shabab, which really is a front for clan-based warlords who are willing to continue Ethiopia’s stated goal of anarchy in Somalia. For Meles Zenawi, all of these tactics are an effort to cultivate an environment of lawlessness and instability that is ungovernable for any entity hostile to his goals in Somalia and the disputed region of Ogaden. Perhaps Somalia is condemned to anarchy for life. Yet I don’t understand why Somalia’s lawlessness and instability serve Ethiopia better because it doesn’t make sense to burn your neighbor’s house, does it?

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This Week in Africa

First we start in Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai have finally agreed on a framework for power-sharing. I guess all those haters who thought Thabo Mbeki couldn’t do it have pies on their faces now (I’m looking at you Imperial Britain and your propaganda tool, BBC). I wonder if this is the new conflict-resolution in Africa. It sure has a lot of positive signs. Africans fixing African problems. Nice.

Speaking of Thabo Mbeki, seems like he didn’t have a good week at the end though as a judge threw out the corruption case against Jacob Zuma, Mbeki’s nemesis for the ANC leadership. Zuma and his supporters have always claimed Mbeki was out to get Zuma in order to stay as the African National Congress’ leader, which late last year chose Zuma instead of Mbeki. Ouch.

In Somalia, a member of “parliament” was assassinated in Baidoa in front of a Mosque. MP Mohamed Osman Maye, a strong alley of “President” Abdillahi Yusuf, was shot in the head as he left the Mosque after finishing Tarawih prayers, just days after critizing Abdillahi Yusuf in parliament. Can you say payback? In this case the MO fits victims of Abdillahi Yusuf’s political eradication as the MP was shot. Someone living in Baidoa told me that the opposition’s MO is to behead or decapitated their victims while Yusuf’s method of elimination is to hire hitmen and shoot the victims. Although I cannot substanciate my source’s claims, I don’t doubt this MP’s assassination order came from Abdillahi Yusuf and his goons. My source also says that the opposition, i.e. Al-Shabaab, usually gives its critic a ‘warning’ before assassination is carried out.

In Libya, finally a European colonial country admits its wrongdoing and actually accepts responsibility and commits to compensating for its 20th century sins in Africa – mainly the raping of Africa. Of course I’m referring to Italia or Italy. PM Silvio Berlusconi has singed a 5 billion euro ‘sorry’ pact for his nation’s occupation and colonization of Libya from 1911 to 1943. Berlusconi said, “It is my duty, as a head of government, to express to you in the name of the Italian people our regret and apologies for the deep wounds that we have caused you.” In a symbolic gesture, he bowed before the son of resistance hero Omar Mokhtar. The deal is that Italia will provide $200 million euro a year for the next 25 years that will cover reconstruction projects, student grants, and compensation for soldiers who served in WWII on the Italian side. Now the question is, where’s my check? My grandad didn’t lose a limb for nothing, eh. Check please!

Now something close to my heart, a blogger in Morocco was convicted, fined and sentenced to 2-years in jail for disrespecting the King by criticizing his charity programs because this particular blogger felt that the King was giving handouts and as a result, Mohamed Erraji felt that many Moroccans are becoming dependant on the King’s charity; hence turn some of these people into ‘lazy.’ OK, I believe people should express their opinions whenever they want to but this blogger knew fully well the consequences of ‘insulting’ the King in Morocco but he still did it. It turns out that he’s the sole provider for his family. Good job for endangers your family’s well-being, Mr. Erraji. He has since been given a  ‘provisional’ release.

The late Levy Mwanawasa of Zambia has finally been laid to rest. Mwanawasa was one of the good leaders of Africa. Let’s hope Zambia continues on the path set out by Levy Mwanawasa.

BONUS: A tip of the hat goes to my cocalero compadre Evo Morales as well as leftist hero Hugo Chavez. Who said Socialism is dead?

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