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Icebox of the Nation

Minnesota has officially been declared the icebox of the United State – really? Didn’t people already know that? Sitting in my comfortable therapeutic library chair, where the temperature of the day is expected to reach mid 50 degree fahrenhait, I can only send my sympathy to those folks who have to get up and go to work or school in a brutal weather like Minnesota….I’ve been there and it is not pleasant.

Waiting for the bus to school for five minutes this morning in a 45 degree temps, I complained to myself how uncomfortable and cold it was – until I’ve just come across this article in the AP declaring the good folks of Minnesota essentially ice people. Now I have re-evaluated my complaint about the weather this morning and officially come to the conclusion that I was being a sissy and unappreciative of my blessings.

But the thought I can’t get through my head is WHY the FUCK do people want to live in Minnesota? What crazy person walked from the temperate and somewhat tropical conditions of the North East/South East of the United States to all the way to Minnesota saying to themselves – nah, this is no good! Let’s keep moving! When they finally reached the ice lakes of Minnesota, shouted and danced around the lake and declared: This IS our home! What is even more baffling to me is why people from tropical places like East Africa (Somalis/Ethiopians) and South East Asia (Hmongs) settle in Minnesota in large numbers?

But then again, why would someone settle in crocadile infested, swamped drenched, mosquito shithole Florida? Oh well, to each to his own.

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