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Dictators’ Club Annual Meeting

This is an imagined club meeting of dictators so take it with a grain of salt.


“Order! Order! Please, take your seats so we can begin our meeting” MC Gaddafi calmly announced. “We have a full agenda and the sooner we get started the quicker we’ll all go home,” he continued. “As you may have heard, and I don’t blame you if you haven’t, brother Ben Ali and brother Hosni have been…how should I put it…overthrown. Apparently, ‘overthrowing’ our fellow brothers has become all the rage these days. Therefore, today’s agenda will mostly be about how to prevent these so-called ‘revolutions’ from taking place in our domains. We’ve also lined up experts to help you launder all that money to safe offshore accounts in case you’re worried you might be overthrown soon. And then at the end of the meeting, we’ll have refreshments, pizza, raffles and share the latest party tips! “

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So Sad…

UPDATE: On Jan. 5, the Deputy Prime Minister-designate, Arthur Mutambara, who also leads the breakaway faction of the MDC, wrote a blistering paper in which he makes my point below much, much better. After reading this post, head here and read Prof. Mutambara’s dress-down of Tsvangirai and his masters…as well as his excellent and thoughtful analysis of the political situation in Zimbabwe. 


Has anyone else been listening to Raila Odinga and Desmond Tutu?  Isn’t it curious that Robert Mugabe is now the world’s worst man alive? Doesn’t it make you wonder why a man who was so beloved by the West for two decades (just look at how many honors, medals, and awards he got from the West between 1980 and 2000), has suddenly become evil #1, to be deposed and put on trial? Have you ever, and I do mean EVER, seen an African leader be despised by the West and its puppet agents in Africa so much so that a call for his forcible (military) removal is now underway? Have you ever wondered, what is so damn special about Zimbabwe that the West cares so much about it (under the cloak of humanitarian and democracy pretenses)? I hear no Odinga or Tutu call for Omar al-Bashir’s military removal and prosecution. This Robert Mugabe guy must have really ticked off the wrong people. 

Have you ever wondered, is Zimbabwe worse than the Congo, Darfur, and Somalia put together? Mind you, the war in Congo has taken over 3 million innocent lives, Darfur: over hundreds of thousands, Somalia: over 10,000 since the West sent Ethiopia in two years ago. Has Zimbabwe been any close to these staggering numbers? Of course not. But of course they (the West and its puppet allies in Africa) want you to believe otherwise. They want you to believe that what is going on in Zimbabwe is about a man who has become a dictator, who refuses to step down from power because he beat their puppet choice, who imprisons opposition members, kills opposition supporters, silences the press, and magically starts cholera to kill off his people (who may I add he fought for to give them freedom and their stolen land so just he could repress them himself). 

It sounds very, very convincing if you get your information from imperial state’s Ministry of Truth, and their corporate media disseminators. But if you have a brian and can do a little research, you will know exactly what is going on. I will only encourage you to do your research, find out the facts for yourself because you will not get the truth from imperial powers who want to control your mind. 

When your doing your research ask yourself these questions:

  1. First, what dictator holds elections? If you say, well, Saddam Hussein held elections. Then ask yourself: what dictator comes second in the show-off, pretend presidential election (as Robert Mugabe did) – requiring a run-off? Second, how come the dictator’s party loses the majority in parliament? Mugabe’s dictatorship in Zimbabwe must be the first time a dictator comes in second in the presidential elections and further loses his party’s majority in the parliament. Note these facts because you won’t see these seemingly democratic results acknowledged in the West.  
  2. Speaking of dictatorships, one of the ‘facts’ used to justify Mugabe’s label as dictator is that he has been in power for 28 years. Fair enough. But what I want you to think about is, how many other dictators in Africa have been in power as long as Mugabe or longer, yet you never hear about their undemocratic rules? The list of dictators kept in power by the West in Africa is quite long (Hosni Mubarak, Omar Bango, Meles Zenawi, Gaddafi,  Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo– just to name few dictators) something you would not know reading the freedom-loving Western press or hear the Great Western democracies acknowledge at all. You know why? Because the West’s hatred of Mugabe has nothing to do with freedom, democracy or humanitarianism. It’s about foreign investment and land reform in Zimbabwe – the pocketbook of the West. 

All of these dictators I’ve listed are allowed to continue their horrendous rule because they gave their countries’ resources and economy to foreign companies. Britain is ticked off because Mugabe took back the land the British invaders took from black Zimbabweans under their genocidal colonial rule. Britain was supposed to compensate their white kith and kin’s ‘land’ under the Lancaster Agreement that ended Zimbabwe’s liberation war in 1979. In 1997, Tony Blair reneged on the agreement his country made to the Robert Mugabe government in 1979 in order to turn Zimbabweans who could no longer wait for land redistribution through the ‘willing seller, willing buyer’ formula which was to give blacks their land back. Blair decided to use this opportunity to turn Zimbabweans against Mugabe so he (Blair) could put his very own puppet ‘leader’ i.e. Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe. The collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy is blamed on Mugabe (a very good soundbite in the press), but what they never tell you is: Zimbabwe is second to North Korea in economic sanctions. The country’s economy was destroyed by U.S. and Britain sanctions, not Mugabe. Why the hell would a leader want to destroy his country’s economy  if he wants to stay in power? You hear the press’s favorite soundbite: Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa. Now it’s a basket case because of Mugabe. Really? It was the bread basket because majority blacks slaved for white commercial farm owners, who by the way robbed the land in the first place. Now it’s a basket case because the country’s credits have been cut-off, can’t buy farm tools, and draught wrecked most of the harvests in the past couple of years. The cholera spread is the result of complete sanctions against Zimbabwe because no country would sell medicine to Zimbabwe. 

Zimbabwe is no special country in Africa, except a lot of powerful people in the West have lost an opportunity to suck the country’s rich resources. As writer Stephen Gowans put it, “It’s not Mugabe per se that Washington and London and white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe want to overthrow. It’s his policies they want to be rid of, and they want to replace his policies with their own, very different, policies.” It would have been very easy for Robert Mugabe to just say Yes, Sir whatever his Western overlords told him and kept his job as long as he wanted, which would’ve kept the entire farmland in the country in the hands of the white, British minority as well as foreign companies (mostly American and British) plundering its rich mineral resources while Zimbabweans get slave wages working for these absurdly wealthy white minorities and their capitalists brethren in the West. Isn’t it funny that the same people who took Zimbabwe’s land through the barrel of a gun and were still oppressing black Zimbabweans until three decades ago now claim in the name of ‘democracy and human rights’, they have to save Zimbabwe from Robert Mugabe, who was the one who put his life and freedom on the line in order to free his country?

Remember the democracy-loving, human rights-conscious West gave us such illustrious dictators like Mobutu Sese Seko in the place of the democratically elected Patrice Lumumba, Joseph Arthur Ankrah in the place of the great Kwame Nkrumah, Augusto Pinoche in the place of the people’s president, Salvador Allende. As Nkrumah himself so prophetically foretold, “An all-out offensive is being waged against the progressive, independent states” like Zimbabwe under President Robert Mugabe and the aforementioned governments before him. He further noted, “It has been one of the tasks of the C.I.A. and other similar organisations to discover these potential quislings and traitors in our midst, and to encourage them, by bribery and the promise of political power, to destroy the constitutional government of their countries.”

No doubt Nkrumah knew people like Morgan Tsvangirai, Desmond Tutu, and Raila Odinga will always be around to do their Master’s bidding. After his Western-backed coup, Nkrumah wrote from exile in Guinea three years later, concluding, “Where the more subtle methods of economic pressure (like the U.S. and Britain sanctions against Zimbabwe) and political subversion (the MDC and civil societies in Zimbabwe) have failed to achieve the desired result, there has been resort to violence (as we have seen this process start with Raila Odinga, Desmond Tutu, Gordon Brown, and Condoleeza Rice call for coup against Mugabe this weekend) in order to promote a change of regime and prepare the way for the establishment of a puppet government (Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC party).”

Heed Nkrumah’s words, my friends. Beware of the lies, propaganda, and double standards when it comes to Robert Mugabe as well. Indeed, they said the same thing about Lumumba, Nkrumah, and Allende before they’re now saying about Mugabe. Will YOU fall for it?

Do your homework, people.

BONUS: After deposing Kwame Nkrumah’s government, the CIA wrote, “The coup in Ghana is another example of a fortuitous windfall. Nkrumah was doing more to undermine our interests than any other black African. In reaction to his strongly pro-Communist leanings, the new military regime is almost pathetically pro-Western.”

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