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The Love is Back

Between Bobby Mugabe and the European Union, that is. Seven years it has been since an EU representative met with Uncle Bob. Oh what time does! Or lots of mineral resources that did the trick? After all, the Chinese were perfectly willing to give Uncle Bob all the money and political muscle to keep him in power in exchange for Zimbabwe’s vast mineral resources without all that democracy and rule of law crap that the West keeps blabbering about in public pronouncements.

Yes, Robert Mugabe all along knew that Western corporations would eventually put the pressure on their respective governments to not let the Chinese suckle all that mineral resource honey from Zimbabwe. Do I hear an State Department meeting with Mugabe? Oh yes – it is coming.

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This Week in Africa

First we start in Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai have finally agreed on a framework for power-sharing. I guess all those haters who thought Thabo Mbeki couldn’t do it have pies on their faces now (I’m looking at you Imperial Britain and your propaganda tool, BBC). I wonder if this is the new conflict-resolution in Africa. It sure has a lot of positive signs. Africans fixing African problems. Nice.

Speaking of Thabo Mbeki, seems like he didn’t have a good week at the end though as a judge threw out the corruption case against Jacob Zuma, Mbeki’s nemesis for the ANC leadership. Zuma and his supporters have always claimed Mbeki was out to get Zuma in order to stay as the African National Congress’ leader, which late last year chose Zuma instead of Mbeki. Ouch.

In Somalia, a member of “parliament” was assassinated in Baidoa in front of a Mosque. MP Mohamed Osman Maye, a strong alley of “President” Abdillahi Yusuf, was shot in the head as he left the Mosque after finishing Tarawih prayers, just days after critizing Abdillahi Yusuf in parliament. Can you say payback? In this case the MO fits victims of Abdillahi Yusuf’s political eradication as the MP was shot. Someone living in Baidoa told me that the opposition’s MO is to behead or decapitated their victims while Yusuf’s method of elimination is to hire hitmen and shoot the victims. Although I cannot substanciate my source’s claims, I don’t doubt this MP’s assassination order came from Abdillahi Yusuf and his goons. My source also says that the opposition, i.e. Al-Shabaab, usually gives its critic a ‘warning’ before assassination is carried out.

In Libya, finally a European colonial country admits its wrongdoing and actually accepts responsibility and commits to compensating for its 20th century sins in Africa – mainly the raping of Africa. Of course I’m referring to Italia or Italy. PM Silvio Berlusconi has singed a 5 billion euro ‘sorry’ pact for his nation’s occupation and colonization of Libya from 1911 to 1943. Berlusconi said, “It is my duty, as a head of government, to express to you in the name of the Italian people our regret and apologies for the deep wounds that we have caused you.” In a symbolic gesture, he bowed before the son of resistance hero Omar Mokhtar. The deal is that Italia will provide $200 million euro a year for the next 25 years that will cover reconstruction projects, student grants, and compensation for soldiers who served in WWII on the Italian side. Now the question is, where’s my check? My grandad didn’t lose a limb for nothing, eh. Check please!

Now something close to my heart, a blogger in Morocco was convicted, fined and sentenced to 2-years in jail for disrespecting the King by criticizing his charity programs because this particular blogger felt that the King was giving handouts and as a result, Mohamed Erraji felt that many Moroccans are becoming dependant on the King’s charity; hence turn some of these people into ‘lazy.’ OK, I believe people should express their opinions whenever they want to but this blogger knew fully well the consequences of ‘insulting’ the King in Morocco but he still did it. It turns out that he’s the sole provider for his family. Good job for endangers your family’s well-being, Mr. Erraji. He has since been given a  ‘provisional’ release.

The late Levy Mwanawasa of Zambia has finally been laid to rest. Mwanawasa was one of the good leaders of Africa. Let’s hope Zambia continues on the path set out by Levy Mwanawasa.

BONUS: A tip of the hat goes to my cocalero compadre Evo Morales as well as leftist hero Hugo Chavez. Who said Socialism is dead?

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Endorsement Time

Elections are everywhere this time of the year – a fact brought home to my television set today as I watched the first U.S. presidential Democratic primary ads tailored specifically to my state. But, this is not the election I’m talking about. I’m talking about the general elections being held tomorrow (Saturday) in Zimbabwe, where perhaps for the first time Robert Mugabe has a serious opponent for the presidency.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote how I admired Mr. Mugabe for his refusal to sell out to the West and taking back the lands that the colonial invaders took from the people of Zimbabwe through massacre. I also noted in that piece that he is a dictator but what I agreed with him was bigger (at least philosophically) than what I disagreed with him – especially his insatiable appetite for power even as he is looking at death right in the eyes. The guy is 84 and still wants to be president. You get the picture. Moving on…

Now, Mugabe’s opponents for tomorrow’s elections are Simba Makoni, his former finance minister, and Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader of the Movement for Democratic Change. Both competitors are definitely better option than Mr. Mugabe’s increasingly totalitarian rule. However, I don’t find Mr. Tsvangirai trustworthy due to his “intimate” relationship with the British. So that leaves only one person: Mr. Makoni. Ladies and gentlemen, the East African Philosopher is officially endorsing Simba Makoni for the presidency of Zimbabwe. He is clean and independent. He is running on a platform of fixing the Zimbabwean economy, which used to be one of the best economies in Africa, if not the best.

Also, Simba (meaning ‘lion’ in Swahili, by the way) is a highly respected man who left Mr. Mugabe’s administration because he did not want to serve as Mugabe’s yes-man on his increasingly crazy economic reforms, as well as his authoritarian rule. Although he could’ve joined the MDC and run on their ticket, he chose to stay independent and run as independent. Perhaps Mugabe will once again manage to rig the election to stay in power but at least this time Zimbabweans will get a good option to voice their frustrations and despair against Robert Mugabe by voting for Simba Makoni.

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