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Blue Dreams


I’m laying on top of a fluffy thing that’s on top of the ferry I’m currently riding on my way to the archipelego of Zanzibar. I chose to camp in the open deck, to enjoy the open air and the lovely breeze of the indian ocean. Everything I see is a perfect blue, with the exception of few dhow boats and commercial ships now and then. It’s 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon of the coast of Tanzania. There is one special person I would love to be here with me, to share this view, this breeze, this tranquil moment. I’m having blue dreams. (And you’re in it…you know who you are).

Isn’t it amazing that I have a decent internet connection in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Gotta love technology. I’ll get back to enjoying my view and breeze as the perfect Swahili is spoken near by…

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Ok, Am Back Now

I’ve just arrived in the US and yes, I did go through the whole let’s-go-to-a-room and verify you that, well, you are not a nefarious character. Seemed like everyone who had a Muslim and foreign-sounding names were there. I didn’t see any Johns or Janes.

I have to board my flight now. Peace.

Update: I’m officially out of jet lag mode.

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News and Notes

As readers of this blog know, my plan for the upcoming Spring school semester was to study in Hyderabad, India. Unfortunately, life’s full of surprises and disappointments. But I’m not complaining. Actually, I see it as an opportunity to explore other options. So it is official. Due to bureaucratic reasons, I was informed that my student visa won’t be approved for at least 3 months at the latest, which essentially put in a position of no-go. Sorry to disappoint, friends. You won’t be reading stories about explosive diarrhea or complaints about unsanitary conditions.

Instead, I will continue my education at my current school and hopefully participate study abroad in summer ’09. Stay tuned for that.

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