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Terrorists Suck

To: Terrorists and Wanna-be Terrorists

Re: The Shit That You Do

Subject: An Open Letter

Every passing day my life seems to get more difficult. Mind you, it is not my fault. I’m a law-abiding citizen; I avoid getting into a beef with the law at all cost, not because I love the laws that are out there but simply I want my life to be free of difficulty. Yet no matter what I do, terrorist-assholes have it out for me. Like this guy. Not only does this guy claim to be my co-religionists but also co-nomad. I hate this guy even more. I hate him because my life just got that much difficult because of him and all the other assholes like him.

I’m going to be traveling to East Africa in one week and I know for a fact that I will be harassed and sexually molested by TSA agents. I know I will be “randomly” selected for extra-loving by the good folks at the TSA. And I also know that I will be interrogated in the “back room” on my return to the states. I resent having to endure these hassles because some loser decided to murder babies and their mothers at a Christmas Tree lighting in Oregon or shoppers in Stockholm. What I resent the most is assholes who, in their fantasy-filled minds, justify killing innocent people is somehow permitted or encouraged by my faith.

Unfortunately these people don’t think for themselves and hence don’t learn Islam for themselves, relying on assholes like them with a keyboard and internet connection to fill them up with hate and propaganda. Why else would a kid who lived in Portland since he was 5 want to kill his fellow Oregonians? I’m actually not opposed to people who have beef with the US government. If they want to fight then why don’t they go to the battlefield and shoot at soldiers who also have guns and shoot back at them? Because they’re punks. They prefer to hurt the weak and innocent because it is easy.

And they make all of our lives difficult.

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Ok, Am Back Now

I’ve just arrived in the US and yes, I did go through the whole let’s-go-to-a-room and verify you that, well, you are not a nefarious character. Seemed like everyone who had a Muslim and foreign-sounding names were there. I didn’t see any Johns or Janes.

I have to board my flight now. Peace.

Update: I’m officially out of jet lag mode.

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