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Manfred Nowak Throws Tantrum

Manfred Nowak, the United Nations human rights investigator is throwing tantrum in the media following his ejection from Zimbabwe. Nowak alleges that the Mugabe government has intentionally barred him from entering the country because ‘he knows’ he will find evidence of human rights abuses committed by Mugabe’s party, ZANU-PF. Nowak states, using undiplomatic language and improper protocols, “I can only interpret that, at this point of time, they didn’t want any kind of independent fact-finding on torture and other forms of ill-treatment,” referring to ZANU-PF. He goes on to add, “This is totally unacceptable conduct of a government – of a member state of the United Nations – vis-a-vis a United Nations independent expert who is mandated by the human rights council to carry out fact-finding missions on the invitation of the government.” Notice the last part, “on the invitation of the government.” Also notice Mr. Nowak is exaggerating his importance by implying that he is ‘mandated’ by the U.N.’s  human rights council, an act that is essentially imposed on a U.N. member state by the council through the Security Council. In fact, the government of Zimbabwe invited him voluntarily with no mandate to carry out, other than to investigate rights abuses in the country and report it to the human rights council – an entity that once included Iran, Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, etc etc.

While he was in South Africa, the government of Zimbabwe asked Nowak not to come now because the government officials he needs to talk to as part of his investigation are busy with SADC mediations on the unity government between Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party and Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party that is currently in jeopardy of dissolving. Thus, the government of Zimbabwe rescinded its invitation and asked Nowak to reschedule it for another time before he arrived in the country. But Mr. Nowak, who was only coming to the country on the invitation of the host government, took matters into his own hands and showed up at Harare International Airport with a stupid look on his face and insisting that he was invited by the prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai – who I should add has ceased to participate in the unity government and has no authority on foreign relations. Accordingly, the immigration authority refused him entry into the country and put him back on the returning flight to South Africa. Case closed, right?

Not if you are Manfred Nowak, a supposed neutral diplomat working for the United Nations. He has spent the last couple of days bitching to every media outlet that is willing to listen to his petulant and undiplomatic behavior. Furthermore, Nowak’s self-righteous attitudes and media blitz seems to reflect a disdain for the United Nation’s own Charter that is built on the foundation of respect for member states’ sovereignty and territorial integrity. If I invite someone to my house party and I change my mind and tell them not to come, I expect my wishes to be followed. If they choose to ignore my request and show up at my door anyway? Of course I would shut the door on their face. Too bad the mindless western media will not put this simple diplomatic issue into context. Granted, there a lot of human rights abuses that have to be investigated in Zimbabwe (it is long overdue) and more importantly, MDC-Tsvangirai supporters are just as culpable in these abuses as ZANU-PF supporters are – a fact the western media has been sweeping under the rug for far too long. Because of Nowak’s self-righteousness and stupidity, many victims of state and political parties’ abuse will not have their stories heard.

The moral of the story though? Don’t invite Manfred Nowak to your house!

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The Love is Back

Between Bobby Mugabe and the European Union, that is. Seven years it has been since an EU representative met with Uncle Bob. Oh what time does! Or lots of mineral resources that did the trick? After all, the Chinese were perfectly willing to give Uncle Bob all the money and political muscle to keep him in power in exchange for Zimbabwe’s vast mineral resources without all that democracy and rule of law crap that the West keeps blabbering about in public pronouncements.

Yes, Robert Mugabe all along knew that Western corporations would eventually put the pressure on their respective governments to not let the Chinese suckle all that mineral resource honey from Zimbabwe. Do I hear an State Department meeting with Mugabe? Oh yes – it is coming.

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The Art of Coups

The story behind the documentary below happened way back in 2004 but somehow seems to be relevant always. I always wondered why there were so many coup d’etats and chronic wars in many parts of the world – Africa and Latin America particularly – that generally have more natural resources yet are underdeveloped. If intelligence agencies used to overthrow governments and heads of state, the 21st century coup de’etats are done by private security firms i.e. seriously messed up folks with lots of time and dangerous skills at their disposal. The mercenaries have officially arrived. Watch out, Evo.

Fascinating story; and frightening prospect for states like Equatorial Guinea, the DR Congo, and Bolivia  that a lot of powerful people/companies have interest in. By the way, has anyone figured out why the Congo war has killed over 3 million people in the last decade? The attempt of the mercenaries, hired by the son of ex UK PM Thatcher to overthrow the not-so-nice-guy president of Equatorial Guinea with the help or at least tacit support of the US, UK and Spanish governments for the control of that country’s newly discovered oil reserves, almost succeeded. Without the authorities in South Africa and Zimbabwe, who knows this may have just succeeded and ushered in an era of private security contracts doing the dirty works of Western intelligence agencies and the likes of George Soros. At the time the media largely ignored the story and at times cheered for it, as was in the case of the UK press.

The link to the full episode online.

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Back to the Usual

School started again this week. Waking up early, attending classes, etc. etc. I’m not sure if this symptom is only common to me, but I find myself very exhausted the first couple of weeks of school, with severe body aches in the morning. Perhaps it’s the re-learning process of walking miles and miles around campus that the body forgets during the break. Or maybe it’s just unique to me.

Anyway, I managed to start a good habit of sleeping early, like 10:30-11pm at night…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up that when the ugly face of thesis writing knocks my door. Completely stayed away from the news, except Gaza. What an atrocity. I sometimes think the state of Israel is the most powerful entity in the world because it seems to have no limit of what it can do. Kind of reminds me of the apartheid regimes of South Africa and Zimbabwe. But the good news is that every oppression and injustice has an end, but I just hope by then there are Palestinians left. 

Speaking of Zimbabwe, I just read a “story” on the British Bollocks Corporation’s website that claims Zimbabwean soldiers are eating elephants to survive, according to an “unnamed” sources from an opposition-run website. Do these people have any shame left as far as journalism is concerned? I mean, I get the fact that they want to overthrow Bobby Mugabe, but “reporting” this? How far do they have to go? Lose every credibility, if they have any left, over this useless propaganda? What a sad thing to see. I’m sure you’re tired of me keep bringing up this Zimbabwe issue, but I do this because I’m writing my thesis on this issue. But as most of you have figured it out already, I’ll be writing my thesis from the ZANU-PF/Mugabe/Nationalist perspective with focus on the policies of the Mugabe government because who self-respecting African would want to parrot the West’s talking-points and propaganda?

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And You Thought Mugabe Was Crazy

Even after Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai signed their power-sharing agreements, welcomed by, well, everyone, it seems that Imperial, sore-loser Britain will not lift their hideous sanctions against Zimbabwe.

“UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Zimbabwe’s new administration would have to make significant progress before the lifting of sanctions was considered.”

Oh well, it doesn’t matter what you useless jerks (the government) think or want – you just can’t handle rejection of your imperial ambitions. I guess you should send your super-spy Bond, James and assassinate Robert Mugabe.

PS: I’m always referring to the government of the UK, not its people.

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This Week in Africa

First we start in Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai have finally agreed on a framework for power-sharing. I guess all those haters who thought Thabo Mbeki couldn’t do it have pies on their faces now (I’m looking at you Imperial Britain and your propaganda tool, BBC). I wonder if this is the new conflict-resolution in Africa. It sure has a lot of positive signs. Africans fixing African problems. Nice.

Speaking of Thabo Mbeki, seems like he didn’t have a good week at the end though as a judge threw out the corruption case against Jacob Zuma, Mbeki’s nemesis for the ANC leadership. Zuma and his supporters have always claimed Mbeki was out to get Zuma in order to stay as the African National Congress’ leader, which late last year chose Zuma instead of Mbeki. Ouch.

In Somalia, a member of “parliament” was assassinated in Baidoa in front of a Mosque. MP Mohamed Osman Maye, a strong alley of “President” Abdillahi Yusuf, was shot in the head as he left the Mosque after finishing Tarawih prayers, just days after critizing Abdillahi Yusuf in parliament. Can you say payback? In this case the MO fits victims of Abdillahi Yusuf’s political eradication as the MP was shot. Someone living in Baidoa told me that the opposition’s MO is to behead or decapitated their victims while Yusuf’s method of elimination is to hire hitmen and shoot the victims. Although I cannot substanciate my source’s claims, I don’t doubt this MP’s assassination order came from Abdillahi Yusuf and his goons. My source also says that the opposition, i.e. Al-Shabaab, usually gives its critic a ‘warning’ before assassination is carried out.

In Libya, finally a European colonial country admits its wrongdoing and actually accepts responsibility and commits to compensating for its 20th century sins in Africa – mainly the raping of Africa. Of course I’m referring to Italia or Italy. PM Silvio Berlusconi has singed a 5 billion euro ‘sorry’ pact for his nation’s occupation and colonization of Libya from 1911 to 1943. Berlusconi said, “It is my duty, as a head of government, to express to you in the name of the Italian people our regret and apologies for the deep wounds that we have caused you.” In a symbolic gesture, he bowed before the son of resistance hero Omar Mokhtar. The deal is that Italia will provide $200 million euro a year for the next 25 years that will cover reconstruction projects, student grants, and compensation for soldiers who served in WWII on the Italian side. Now the question is, where’s my check? My grandad didn’t lose a limb for nothing, eh. Check please!

Now something close to my heart, a blogger in Morocco was convicted, fined and sentenced to 2-years in jail for disrespecting the King by criticizing his charity programs because this particular blogger felt that the King was giving handouts and as a result, Mohamed Erraji felt that many Moroccans are becoming dependant on the King’s charity; hence turn some of these people into ‘lazy.’ OK, I believe people should express their opinions whenever they want to but this blogger knew fully well the consequences of ‘insulting’ the King in Morocco but he still did it. It turns out that he’s the sole provider for his family. Good job for endangers your family’s well-being, Mr. Erraji. He has since been given a  ‘provisional’ release.

The late Levy Mwanawasa of Zambia has finally been laid to rest. Mwanawasa was one of the good leaders of Africa. Let’s hope Zambia continues on the path set out by Levy Mwanawasa.

BONUS: A tip of the hat goes to my cocalero compadre Evo Morales as well as leftist hero Hugo Chavez. Who said Socialism is dead?

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The West’s Crush on Mugabe

I’ve been reading the many articles that have been published since Friday’s Zimbabwe non-election run-off election. Granted, Morgan Tsvangirai’s shenanigans are a clear indication that it was a stunt to get sympathy for the “fraud” election he was about to lose because he spent more time getting talking points from his masters instead of actually campaigning (don’t give me that bull about him and ‘his supporters’ getting ‘attacked’ by Mugabe’s ‘thugs’ as we have been spoon-fed by the West’s propaganda machine). Yet what I’ve been reading about this in the West’s beyond absurd propagandist tabloid-coverage about Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe is even a bigger indication of a sustained and persistent attack on an independent country. I can’t fathom how the so called journalist covering Zimbabwe have convinced themselves that what they’re doing is actually a worth-while and in the interest of the public. Cut the bullshit.

As I have wrote before, incorrectly may I add, Robert Mugabe is not a dictator so let’s take that off the table. But I refuse to be brain-washed and told what to believe about Robert Mugabe and his legacy in the fight against colonial punks who, not surprisingly, are behind the systemic efforts to demonize and eventually convince those of us who still have their independent thinking and choose to stand up to punks who use the pen as weapon of bullying. I refuse to accept Zimbabwe’s sovereignty be meddled in by neither agents of the British government or its mouthpieces: BBC, AP, NY Times, etc.

I don’t see eye-to-eye with Mugabe on most things, but I agree with him 100% everything he believes about the West, particularly those imperialist bloodsuckers at 10 Downing Street and its bully friends (including the press) everywhere. Reading these hate-filled propaganda leaflets makes me believe even more that Robert Mugabe’s suspicion about the West is as just true as it was in the 19th and 20th century. Sometimes it takes an octogenarian man to shout continuously what has always been right in front of us: Europe is at where it is today because it has plundered Africa’s resource during colonial Europe and after independence – it was just more careful in hiding its activities in Africa after independence, thanks to the countless wars and coup d’état Europe and America created and funded for years and still continue to do so. What a brilliant disguise to turn the ‘natives’ against each other while stealing the continent’s riches. I digress…

One of the propaganda talking-points that kept coming up almost in every story was the fake-outrage over the silence of African leaders, in particular the clear rejection of the propaganda whores’ demonization of Robert Mugabe by the African leaders. When Nelson Mandela spoke out late last week, the whores of imperialists were shocked to learn that Mr. Mandela’s criticism was only limited to the election and the violence that surrounds it, not what they had fantasized about. And earlier in the week Mr. Mandela’s successor, Thabo Mbeki, essentially gave the West the middle finger and told them to back off. This might be surprising to these assholes but all African leaders (whether elected or not ) know this propaganda is intended to essentially return Zimbabwe in the hands of the neocolonialists.

Just as I always write at the end of these types of posts, my defense of Robert Mugabe is limited to his fight against foreign and neocolonialism domination in his country, just as I would defend every people’ right to self-determination without interference from anyone, anywhere, at anytime. With that said, Robert Mugabe probably does have blood on his hands. Then again, so are those who are trying to destroy him, including Tsvangirai and his MDC faction.

UPDATE: Here’s an example of the British government mouthpiece’s spin on Desmond Tutu’s recent comments about Zimbabwe, “I think that a very good argument can be made for having an international force to restore peace,” which magically turns up in this headline as: Tutu Urges Zimbabwe Intervention. They don’t even try to ‘hide’ their propaganda bullshit. But if you read just a paragraph below, you will see Morgan Tsvangiria distancing himself from the war drumbeats of the British Bastard Corporation.

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Where Are They Now?

Some of us remember the bloody recent election in Kenya despite the fact that it seems like a long time ago. The last time I wrote about the election, Kofi Annan’s mediation brought an agreement between president Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, the opposition leader and the winner of the election, to form a unity government compromised of 50/50 coalition of Kibaki’s party and Odinga’s ODM party, however, the implementation of that agreement, like everything else in Kenya, has been elusive. It was reported yesterday (Monday Apr 7), that Odinga skipped on a meeting that was to suppose to announce the “new” coalition based unity government.

Apparently Raila Odinga got Kibaki’s SMS message to his party officials (just before the meeting and instead took a detour to news conference ) that read: odinga is gona fall for it again, LOL Kibaki BFF….PS: keep it confidential. Obviously I’m dramatizing it a little but perhaps this is what really happened because last Friday they both agreed to announce the new government’s cabinet posts on Sunday, with the understanding that they both will appoint an equal amount of ministers while presidential powers will be divided equally as well. I mean, doesn’t it seem like a fair expectation?

From my point of view, Kibaki is really greedy, considering that he did lose the election and thousands died and displaced as a result of this, still Raila Odinga is willing to share power with him when he could simply refuse negotiating with him until a new election decides who’s president. Perhaps I’m Monday-morning quarterbacking here, so to speak, but isn’t the definition of a leader is to do the good of the people instead of self-interest motivations? Yet no one can argue with me that what Africa lacks are courageous leaders who are not afraid of losing elections or appeasing Western interests in their countries but only care about their people’s welfare.

While the debacles of the recent Kenya and Zimbabwe elections hijacked the international media, the president of Botswana stepped down last week without any bloodshed or coup or political pressure (there was no scandal at all, if that is what you’re thinking) although he still had a year and half left on his term because he just felt that was the right thing to do. Isn’t that amazing? Juxtapositioning that with Robert Mugabe who has been in office for nearly three decades is nothing short of astonishing.

Ou Va La\’Afrique by Askia Modibo


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Those Rat Bastards

I just happened to check the news out of Zimbabwe and those sneaky propaganda machine of the British government i.e. the Bullshit British Corporation have this little sidebar of Robert Mugabe’s career on this article in which these imperialist assholes describe the taking back of Zimbabwean land from white colonial invaders as “2000 – Land Invasion start.”


Land invasion? Wait, weren’t the imperialist the invaders into Zimbabwe? Am I the only one who’s noticing this? I call onto all people everywhere in the world who have suffered under imperialism/colonial rule to demand an immediate apology from the BBC and front page retraction for the use of “land invasion” to describe the land return to Zimbabweans from colonial robbers/murderers of Zimbabwe and its people in 2000. I also call onto an immediate investigation of the BBC’s misconduct/hidden agenda during its long coverage of Zimbabwe since 2000, as they have demonstrated a clear and disturbing pattern of biases/propaganda “reports” towards Zimbabwe.

It is unacceptable for an organization that masks itself as “news” to take the side of the British government and become an advocate organization. The BBC can either choose to be a news observer or become the FOX NEWS of the British government and its policies towards Zimbabwe. No middle way.PS: Pass this call to all the blogs and independent press out there in order to get to the bottom of the BBC’s real hidden agenda towards Zimbabwe since the 2000 land redistribution.

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Endorsement Time

Elections are everywhere this time of the year – a fact brought home to my television set today as I watched the first U.S. presidential Democratic primary ads tailored specifically to my state. But, this is not the election I’m talking about. I’m talking about the general elections being held tomorrow (Saturday) in Zimbabwe, where perhaps for the first time Robert Mugabe has a serious opponent for the presidency.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote how I admired Mr. Mugabe for his refusal to sell out to the West and taking back the lands that the colonial invaders took from the people of Zimbabwe through massacre. I also noted in that piece that he is a dictator but what I agreed with him was bigger (at least philosophically) than what I disagreed with him – especially his insatiable appetite for power even as he is looking at death right in the eyes. The guy is 84 and still wants to be president. You get the picture. Moving on…

Now, Mugabe’s opponents for tomorrow’s elections are Simba Makoni, his former finance minister, and Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader of the Movement for Democratic Change. Both competitors are definitely better option than Mr. Mugabe’s increasingly totalitarian rule. However, I don’t find Mr. Tsvangirai trustworthy due to his “intimate” relationship with the British. So that leaves only one person: Mr. Makoni. Ladies and gentlemen, the East African Philosopher is officially endorsing Simba Makoni for the presidency of Zimbabwe. He is clean and independent. He is running on a platform of fixing the Zimbabwean economy, which used to be one of the best economies in Africa, if not the best.

Also, Simba (meaning ‘lion’ in Swahili, by the way) is a highly respected man who left Mr. Mugabe’s administration because he did not want to serve as Mugabe’s yes-man on his increasingly crazy economic reforms, as well as his authoritarian rule. Although he could’ve joined the MDC and run on their ticket, he chose to stay independent and run as independent. Perhaps Mugabe will once again manage to rig the election to stay in power but at least this time Zimbabweans will get a good option to voice their frustrations and despair against Robert Mugabe by voting for Simba Makoni.

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